Saturday, March 12, 2011

This "multiple" world I now belong to....

It's a strange thing, an odd realization that I am now a part of this community of parents of multiples. It really is a community. The support is amazing, the resources are incredible and you really feel a part of something cool, unique and desired.

It really is true that only parents of multiples can get what you are going through, and although other parents are an incredible support and the friendships they bring are irreplaceable...there is something to be said for the friendships you form with other multiples parents.

I feel like I got access to this secret club that no one else knows about, or that only famous people can get in to.
We have names for each other like, MOMS (Mother's of Multiples) and we refer to parents without multiples as parents with singletons.

We have cool websites just for us and we see everything in doubles or more.
The other cool thing is that being a Mom of multiples puts you in the group of twins or more. There isn't a special 'triplets' club or 'quads' club....more than two babies at once and you are all friends for life.

I have found an incredible community of MOMS in the blogging's been fantastic and I feel like I could call any one of these amazing MOMS and have a heart to heart. I feel like in an instant we would all be best friends.

I met Samantha, (we actually haven't met yet)...we were introduced via Facebook through a mutual friend and her twin girls were born about two weeks after my boys. We have walked through the last several months of our pregnancies together online and have given each other tips and encouragement.

All this to say....this Mom of Multiples thing is crazy. It's intense and it's wild...but thank the Lord that because of it, there is a great and deep camaraderie amongst other MOMS and it's not about competition, it's about helping one another and supporting each other no matter your background, belief or location.

I have to's just pretty darn cool.


  1. I totally agree with this. I joined our local multiples club up here and went to their "expectant parents coffee hour" and it was awesome and so supportive...I DO feel part of the special club ha ha :)