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The Boys

It's amazing that at just shy of 5 weeks these two boys can be so different and have such distinct personalities.

Camden. You of course are our 'puker'. You give us quite a fright when we wake up to you gagging on your puke. We cannot wait for you to outgrow this stage and although we love our new washer, we have come to use it several times a day.
You like riding in the car as long as it's moving, we hit a red light and you let us know it's time to get going! You like a pacifier, but you don't rely on it too heavily.
You have the biggest eyes ever. And they are so blue, I hope they stay that blue. You look bald but you have a fair amount of's just white blonde. You love to cuddle up with Mommy and rest your head on her chin. You are beautiful. When you cry you sound like a baby velociraptor (see Jurassic Park)'s super high pitched. We hope you outgrow that before you are in Jr. High....for your sake. Oh and you just graduated and are no longer using the shield! So proud of you!

Christian. You are our dark haired, olive skinned beauty. You have some big cheeks. You have a chin dimple. No one in our family has a chin dimple. But you do. Oh are named for Cary Grant and HE has a chin dimple....this makes your Mommy very happy. :)
You have an extremely angry cry. sound downright mad when you cry. And there is no medium with are silent or you are angry. You love to eat. You'd eat all day long if I let you. You are not a fan of bottles or pacifiers. You love the swing. You sleep your best in the swing. You smiled a real smile at your Mommy two days ago. You are beautiful.

And what is Jack up to these days? Well, he is Mr. Helper. He loves to feed to kitty, help with laundry, throw away dirty diapers, do dishes and sweep the floor. He likes his brother's feet. He doesn't seem to be bothered by their fact, it's kind of like they aren't even here. He always makes sure we don't forget them if we are headed out. He asks us "where's Canen an Chirt-shun Daddy Mommy??" "Why's Canen crying? Canen hungry?"
He is enjoying his Bible fact the only one he wants to read is David and Goliath. And he says "Jack do it"...and this is how it sounds
"Goliath was mean man. He want hurt God's people. He make mean faces. David picked up one, two, three, four, five stones..." I love that my 2 year old is learning his Bible stories! He also loves to sing Zacchaeus and Tiki Tiki Tiki Room. Disneyland is right up there with the Bible for us. Just joking just joking!!!!
He is pretty darn cute.

Camden was tested today for hyperthyroidism (his initial newborn screen said he had it) Turns out it was wrong, a false positive. PRAISE THE LORD!
Christian has what is called breastmilk jaundice...basically there is a protein in the breastmilk that can sometimes inhibit the bilirubin from being removed by the liver and it just takes a bit longer for the jaundice to clear up. His level is pretty low so there are no worries will just take another week or so to completely leave.


  1. I cannot wait to meet these little guys. Hoping to bring you some of your favorite pizza soon! Thanks for the update on Camden too.

  2. You sound so happy. That makes my heart smile! Enjoy all of your boys!

    My girls are so different too! Our Elizabeth was the bigger twin and a puker as well. She has totally outgrown it now. Emily is tiny and mellow, but man does she have a temper!

    I have so enjoyed getting to know them side by side and I know that you will too!

  3. Wow! It is so amazing to see their different coloring when they are side by side like that! I love it! They are beautiful, congratulations!

  4. One of my boys was a puker also I gave him small amounts of water after his feeding to settle his stomach. Give it to him slowly he is not used to the texture of water and will choke but it worked great.

  5. That picture of Trev holding the twins on a pillow is the greatest!
    I look forward to being able to take all three of my grandsons at the same time to do something fun.


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