Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Night-time with Twins

I knew sleep would be a precious thing and come in small amounts...but nothing can really prepare you. The whole "sleep when they sleep" thing doesn't work when you have a toddler. I knew this would be the case, and I do remember lack of sleep with Jack...but two babies...it does make a difference!

Here is our nightly routine, somewhat:

Last feeding is at about 9:00pm, takes about 30 minutes to tandem feed and then another 20 to burp and change if necessary (20 because of our puker Camden) So...now it's about 10:00pm and we hope they are tired enough to sleep. Usually ONE of them is...the other one is wide awake and needing lovin'. We're lucky if they both are ready to go to sleep.

At midnight it's time for another feeding....we may or may not have been able to fall asleep because one baby may or may not have slept between this last feeding. Again...we go until about 1:00am with the whole routine and then up again around 3:00am...unless they choose to wake at 2 1/2 hours instead of 3.

This continues and is only worsened if Camden decides to majorly puke several times in which case the time between feedings is shortened.

So...we're getting maybe 3 hours of sleep, broken up, through the night.

So....any suggestions out there for our night-time schedule? Something to maximize our time and get us more sleep? Hubby is up with me at each and every feeding, so we're running on the same amount of steam :)


  1. I feel your pain. Those nights with newborn twins were rough. The best move we made was getting helpers to come stay with us. A family member or friend would take turns staying the night with us. We were on a rotation so that each of us got to sleep all night every 3rd night. Is there anyone that you can have come over and help? Even for one night or two while you and your husband catch up on sleep would be a great blessing.

  2. I have to say that this already sounds like a pretty good routine with brand new babies. Remember, breast milk is made by nature for human infants and is therefore more easily digested. One effect of this is that it is out of the system more quickly than formula. you may also see a break in this routine as the boys hit growth spurts. This is nothing to worry about, although of course it is draining with more frequent feeding.

    You are doing a great job, try to relax and enjoy it. You are giving your sons a wonderful start in life.


  3. I SO remember this. Okay. Take a deep breath. You are doing an awesome job already!
    So, since you are breastfeeding you automatically have to be up at every feed, that's a given. But I agree with Joe - if you can get someone who can help you, either at night OR during the day (you will be so sleep deprived that it won't make any difference what time it is as long as you get a little bit of sleep!), a couple of times a week, that will really help.
    For example - say your mother in law could come down for a day or two. The first night, have your husband sleep so he can get a bit of much needed rest and have your MIL help with the babies. Then, the next night AND day, have her take care of the babies and bring them to you only when they need to be fed so that you can sleep. This was the only way I got any sleep, and I think even then I only got about 4.5 hours. It felt like heaven though. On a normal night with just my husband and I we were getting about 2.5 hours - split up into 3 - 45 minute naps essentially. It was TORTURE. You WILL get through it though, you will. This is the hardest part and it really will get much easier from here.
    Are you pumping at all? I started pumping during this time too after feeds in hopes I would get enough extra milk that someone else could help with a feed or two a day. Or what about formula? I didn't like the thought of formula AT ALL, but giving it for one feed helped me get my sanity back for a day back then. In hind sight it was definitely worth it (my girls are almost 5 months old now and I am still breastfeeding away =)).
    I can't say it enough - you are doing an AWESOME JOB!! Keep it up!

  4. I think you're doing amazing...I have zero advice for you...just do what you and Trevor have decided is right for your family and stick to it!

    and on another subject...I am totally mean and tagged you...and breast feeding mommy of newborn twins in my most recent post!