Saturday, March 5, 2011

For my breastfeeding twin mommies...past or present :)

First of all I totally accidentally messed up my HTML and that is why my beautiful blog looks weird. I have an email in to my designer Hannah to see if she can fix it! :( here's what is up...

Breastfeeding. I am so darn thankful that I am able to, it was a huge prayer request of mine. I did tons of reading before I had the boys and everything I read was about TANDEM breastfeeding and how getting them on the SAME schedule was the only way I'd sleep or stay sane (especially with a toddler)
So I put the pressure on myself to do it. And to do it every time. And to do it well.

Well, Christian is a great eater. Latches on great and eats efficiently and doesn't puke it all up. Camden on the other hand still needs a nipple shield, kinda crazy at the breast, takes awhile longer to eat and is a MAJOR puker. I'm talking lots and lots and lots of puke. Doesn't matter if I take him off sooner, hold him upright for a long time after, burp lots etc....he is a BIG puker. So....yes...stress.

Is tandem the only way? If I do it one after the other will I be feeding all day long? Should I pump and then bottle feed? If so, when and how long do I pump for? Why should I do that when Christian eats so well at the breast? It makes me sad to think that Camden would miss out on it if I bottle feed. Do I need to just try something for a few weeks until they are old and try tandem again another time?

I know I am WAY hard on myself. But I'm going crazy here trying to figure out what is going to work best for us.

So....give me your thoughts, your stories, your tips and advice. Tell me what you did, what worked for you etc.
You can email me at :) I so appreciate it.
I don't want to stress about it and I want to do what's best for all of us. Other than this things are going great!

They are the cutest little things ever and Jack is totally in love with his little brothers! I will get some more pics I PROMISE!! :)


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