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Deliriously tired...**Updated**

I'm so glad we had Jack first. Had we not, I would think there was no end in sight to the sleepless nights and the puke spewing everywhere. I would not believe anyone who told me "this to shall pass" and I would think I was never going to leave the house again.
BUT...I know that there is an end, and it's not too far off in the grand scheme of things. We just have to push through these sleepless nights and get used to Camden puking all the time, everywhere....and before we know it, we will be telling them to stop throwing food at each other. :)

Here was how last night went down....
Feeding at about 8:00pm after which they decided they did not want to sleep. Not too long later Christian decides to scream.......really really loud.....for quite some time. His cry is extremely angry sounding. I finally had exhausted all other ideas and at 11:00pm I nursed him. He fell asleep.
Camden on the other hand, wide awake. I took Christian to our room and went to bed. Trevor stayed in the front room trying to get Camden asleep. He'd fall asleep and as soon as Trev would try to bring him back to the bedroom he'd wake up wailing his high pitched wail. So...
another feeding at 2:00am and I can't remember what happened after that...Christian did go back to sleep.
5:00am and time to feed again....Trev and Camden still in the front room, Trev asleep on the couch and Camden in the pack-and-play.
After the feeding Christian goes back to sleep. Camden pukes. So we take him and try to change his clothes. He pukes again. Then he pees everywhere. Get second set of pj's ready to change him into....he pukes on them. Then he pukes again and again. Every time we moved him, he puked.
After 3 sets of attempted pj's and 2 blankets he's mad, awake and I feed him. Then he pukes.

Then Jack wakes up.

And when I say puke, I don't mean a little spit-up. I mean a lot. And it shoots out and it drenches everything in sight.

** UPDATED** We have a doctor appointment tomorrow for Camden just to make sure his weight gain is okay and see if there could be anything else going on. Prayers appreciated! :)

This too shall pass............:)


  1. Awww friend :(

    I SOOOOO get it! Todd spends probably 5 out of 7 nights on the couch with Devin, usually sleeping upright in the recliner. It is SO hard. I feel like I could never explain it enough, or make it sound as hard as it really is, to a singleton parent. And I dont care if their kids are 9 months apart to the dot. It is NOT EVEN CLOSE. Twins is agonizing, in the beginning. But yes, there is an end in sight, and when we get there, we will have ten fold the joy and love :) Hang in there (I know, I have to take my own advice there too).

  2. So sorry you are having such rough nights. I can't imagine having the puke issue along with having twins. Hopefully he will outgrow it soon and yes, soon we will be wondering where the time went and how our babies got so big! Praying things get easier for you!

  3. i know it's hard, i know it's hard, I KNOW IT'S HARD!! and as you well know, you will be sad when they get big ;). here's my 2 the next few wks i would work really hard to take turns on nights. i know you said you didn't want to do bottles but at least on hubby's night he does everything and just brings babies to you to nurse and then takes them away. on your night (and he on his night) you do it all (unless there is an extreme circumstance). whoever's night it is to sleep wear earplugs and SLEEP. it is hard to do it all when it is your night but when you make it through the night you are SO excited that then you get a night to SLEEP. sooner or later you'll both burn out, get sick, etc from BOTH being up all night, every night. again...just my .02!!

  4. This sounds so familiar that I feel that I could have written it! You will survive! Elizabeth was our pucker, and yet, she was our "big" twin, so more of a laundry issue. Yu may have oversupply, which sounds funny with twins. My suggestion to try, feed each twin only on one side. It will help with overactive letdown and each baby will get more hind milk.
    Just a been there done that hint! Let us know how the appointment goes!

  5. I love you! Praying things start getting easier at night.


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