Sunday, March 6, 2011

40 weekers

Tomorrow is my original due date, and they are considered "full term" now and our NICU nurse said things will start to be more like "term" babies now (like hopefully Camden will come off the shield soon!) Crazy...I can't imagine still being thank you!

I believe we are destined to have high maintenance children....Jack was such a handful at this age and it looks like history is repeating itself! BUT Jack has turned out to be an incredible I think the rough first few months were worth it. If these boys turn out like Jack...ok, I can hang in!

I tried the pump/bottle feeding thing. First of all I hate pumping, second of all Christian hates the bottle and third of all Camden puked twice as much after a bottle feed. SO...not a gonna happen :)

We've continued to tandem feed, mostly because they keep waking up at the same time to eat! Maybe once a day they are waking at different times and then I solo feed. They were going every 3 hours and now it's 2 1/2-3...even at night, but it usually is one late night feed and one early feed.

I'm trying to do the whole keep them awake during a feed, and after and then having sleep time after wake time, but since they were early they are a little more sleepy during feeds. We'll see how this goes...hoping to make night time much better for us :)

I have another appointment with the lactation consultant on Wednesday, so I'll be able to chat with her more on what's been going on.

They are so darn cute I can't stand it! I want to nibble at them all day long :)

Here are a few pictures...I'm trying to do better at snapping away!
Thank you for all your comments and emails, it helps to know I'm not alone!

Have I mentioned how thankful I am to have my sweet husband at home helping me?! :) He walked in the door earlier with a beautiful bouquet of roses...ahh I love him more and more every day. Even with all this stress and craziness I feel closer to him than ever before!


  1. Beautiful babies and you are doing wonderfully with the feeding. Keep doing what is right for you and your boys and you can't go wrong.

  2. You are gorgeous - and your boys are such perfect little ones - all three of them!!! Love ya!