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Camden, Christian Christian on top, Camden on bottom Christian, Camden Christian Hubby with Christian Camden Christian Christian's oh so kissable lips Hubby, Christian and Jack :) I love this Handsome Jack Jack playing with Camden's toes This is my FAVORITE! My family All Pictures by Catching Memories Photography Link on my page :)

Win a custom header and grab button!

I'm super excited to have already reached 50 followers on my new blog here! I promised a giveaway and so here it is! Melanie over at Elegant Custom Designs has donated her time and skills to design a custom header and a grab button for your blog! She does beautiful work, so I know you will be quite pleased! This includes installation if you are a Blogger user. If you use Word Press you will get the code, but you will have to install it yourself. :) Here is how you can enter to win and make sure you leave a separate comment for each entry! Mandatory entry : Leave a comment letting me know you are a Google follower! Extra Entry : Follow Melanie at Only a Breath Extra Entry: Tell me why your blog name is what it is! This giveaway will end on Friday April 1st at 8:00pm West Coast time :) I will announce the winner that evening (if I can get on the computer hehe) Good luck :)

Hop on over here....

Today I want to tell you about a friend of mine. We met at church and have served in youth ministry together. She's hilarious, passionate, smart, loyal, kind and she is looking to be challenged and to "live a better story" as she puts it. She has an awesome story. Here are a few tid-bits: Had a baby girl she put up for adoption as a teenager , and now her and that girl have an incredible relationship. God was so faithful. Has three boys, two of which are in the military. One of those boys is a paratrooper in the army and is recently recovering from an awful injury while jumping from an airplane. The other boy just recently deployed to Afghanistan. She writes. She writes good. is her post from today. I want you to go check it out. I want you to follow her blog. She's someone you will love and will enjoy what she has to say. She challenges me, and I know she will you too! Click HERE :)

I got ONE pic to upload...

Jack, Camden screaming and Christian haha This is the only picture I could get to upload!! :( :(

Just a reminder...

Just a reminder that once I reach 50 followers, I am doing a giveaway for a custom blog header and grab button made by Melanie from Elegant Custom Blogs And I'm at 40 10 more to go! :)

We've made it to 6 weeks without losing it!

Wow. We've made it to 6 weeks and we are still alive. For a moment there I wasn't sure we would. Sleep was non existent, puke was more prevalent than water and I couldn't say whether or not my teeth had been brushed in who knows how long. Best word to describe life? Intense. I can't think of anything more fitting. Crazy, fun, amazing, beautiful, insane, busy, tiring, exhausting, yes. But intense sums it right up. I'm so thankful that I know God knew what He was doing when he gave us these twins, because at times I've told him "I don't know what I'm doing!!!" I feel like a first time Mom all over again some days. This past week has been about 10x better than the weeks before, and I feel like we're starting to go uphill. And we're breathing again. I can tell you that I am more in love with these boys than I ever thought possible. How could I share my love with Jack and these two? Well, my love for Jack has grown a million times and m

I have a blog?

Oh hi I forgot about you. You don't cry, smell or need to be fed so I forgot you existed. I will learn to weave you back into my life again...but it might be awhile. Our time together will be sporadic and random. It's not's me. Twins are 6 weeks today and tomorrow is our check-up. Will post a nice long one for ya...with pictures. :)

The Boys

It's amazing that at just shy of 5 weeks these two boys can be so different and have such distinct personalities. Camden. You of course are our 'puker'. You give us quite a fright when we wake up to you gagging on your puke. We cannot wait for you to outgrow this stage and although we love our new washer, we have come to use it several times a day. You like riding in the car as long as it's moving, we hit a red light and you let us know it's time to get going! You like a pacifier, but you don't rely on it too heavily. You have the biggest eyes ever. And they are so blue, I hope they stay that blue. You look bald but you have a fair amount of's just white blonde. You love to cuddle up with Mommy and rest your head on her chin. You are beautiful. When you cry you sound like a baby velociraptor (see Jurassic Park)'s super high pitched. We hope you outgrow that before you are in Jr. High....for your sake. Oh and you just graduated and are no

Deliriously tired...**Updated**

I'm so glad we had Jack first. Had we not, I would think there was no end in sight to the sleepless nights and the puke spewing everywhere. I would not believe anyone who told me "this to shall pass" and I would think I was never going to leave the house again. BUT...I know that there is an end, and it's not too far off in the grand scheme of things. We just have to push through these sleepless nights and get used to Camden puking all the time, everywhere....and before we know it, we will be telling them to stop throwing food at each other. :) Here was how last night went down.... Feeding at about 8:00pm after which they decided they did not want to sleep. Not too long later Christian decides to scream.......really really loud.....for quite some time. His cry is extremely angry sounding. I finally had exhausted all other ideas and at 11:00pm I nursed him. He fell asleep. Camden on the other hand, wide awake. I took Christian to our room and went to bed. Trevor stayed

Lovin this

My friend Megan is having twins in August....she posted this picture today and I had to re-post because it's beautiful! It's by erin darcy mama boho  by boho photography on flickr

This "multiple" world I now belong to....

It's a strange thing, an odd realization that I am now a part of this community of parents of multiples. It really is a community. The support is amazing, the resources are incredible and you really feel a part of something cool, unique and desired. It really is true that only parents of multiples can get what you are going through, and although other parents are an incredible support and the friendships they bring are irreplaceable...there is something to be said for the friendships you form with other multiples parents. I feel like I got access to this secret club that no one else knows about, or that only famous people can get in to. We have names for each other like, MOMS (Mother's of Multiples) and we refer to parents without multiples as parents with singletons. We have cool websites just for us and we see everything in doubles or more. The other cool thing is that being a Mom of multiples puts you in the group of twins or more. There isn't a special 'triplets'

Grab my Button!

I made a grab button for you to put on your blog if you so choose :) Last night was awful...the boys did NOT want to sleep and we were up most of the night. To make things worse my poor sweetie is sick with an awful cold and tonight and tomorrow he leads worship. I wish I could give him 24 hours of un-interrupted sleep....he's been so amazing and supportive. I still sweat at the thought he has to go back to work eventually.... It's been super rainy here, and although I usually love the winter and rain, with kiddos it means stuck inside all day and trying to stay healthy. So I am READY for spring and warmer weather! I'm ready to take walks and play at the park! ....oh, and a sneak peek of the photo shoot from yesterday!!!

Just a few pics...

Don't forget! Once I reach 50 followers I'm doing a give-away!

One Month Old Today!

The twins are ONE MONTH old today! I cannot believe it! Especially since they've only been home for two just is surreal! We had a follow-up visit with our pediatrician yesterday and the boys are doing wonderful! They both gained 10oz in 7 days, which is an ounce and a half a day, and that is from exclusive breastfeeding!! So Camden weighs 6.13 and Christian 6.14 :) I was one proud Momma! They are both ON the growth curve for height...I got some long boys :) We started Camden on Zantac to see if it helps his puke issue...although it's probably more a laundry problem than a medical problem we thought we'd give it a shot. His newborn screen test came back with elevated thyroid levels but they are thinking it was a false positive because I have no thyroid issues and he is showing no symptoms. So we will just keep an eye on him and trust that all is fine. They are both focusing so well on our faces and I feel they are both on the verge of a huge smile :) They are fitt

Night-time with Twins

I knew sleep would be a precious thing and come in small amounts...but nothing can really prepare you. The whole "sleep when they sleep" thing doesn't work when you have a toddler. I knew this would be the case, and I do remember lack of sleep with Jack...but two does make a difference! Here is our nightly routine, somewhat: Last feeding is at about 9:00pm, takes about 30 minutes to tandem feed and then another 20 to burp and change if necessary (20 because of our puker Camden) it's about 10:00pm and we hope they are tired enough to sleep. Usually ONE of them is...the other one is wide awake and needing lovin'. We're lucky if they both are ready to go to sleep. At midnight it's time for another feeding....we may or may not have been able to fall asleep because one baby may or may not have slept between this last feeding. Again...we go until about 1:00am with the whole routine and then up again around 3:00am...unless they choose to wake

Bright Eyes

40 weekers

Tomorrow is my original due date, and they are considered "full term" now and our NICU nurse said things will start to be more like "term" babies now (like hopefully Camden will come off the shield soon!) Crazy...I can't imagine still being pregnant... no thank you! I believe we are destined to have high maintenance children....Jack was such a handful at this age and it looks like history is repeating itself! BUT Jack has turned out to be an incredible I think the rough first few months were worth it. If these boys turn out like Jack...ok, I can hang in! I tried the pump/bottle feeding thing. First of all I hate pumping, second of all Christian hates the bottle and third of all Camden puked twice as much after a bottle feed. SO... not a gonna happen :) We've continued to tandem feed, mostly because they keep waking up at the same time to eat! Maybe once a day they are waking at different times and then I solo feed. They were going every 3 hours

Welcome to my new home!

So here we are! The new blog is up and running! Thanks for coming over :) I posted this on my old blog, but decided it's the perfect first post for over here! Don't forget...once I reach 50 followers here I'm doing an awesome give-away hosted by Melanie at Only A Breath for a custom blog header and grab button!! WOO-HOO! here's what is up... * Update* I tried to bottle feed Christian a couple times...he hates it. Takes him forever and he does not like the bottle! Breastfeeding. I am so darn thankful that I am able to, it was a huge prayer request of mine. I did tons of reading before I had the boys and everything I read was about TANDEM breastfeeding and how getting them on the SAME schedule was the only way I'd sleep or stay sane (especially with a toddler) So I put the pressure on myself to do it. And to do it every time. And to do it well. Well, Christian is a great eater. Latches on great and eats efficiently and doesn't puke it all up. Camden on th

For my breastfeeding twin mommies...past or present :)

First of all I totally accidentally messed up my HTML and that is why my beautiful blog looks weird. I have an email in to my designer Hannah to see if she can fix it! :( here's what is up... Breastfeeding. I am so darn thankful that I am able to, it was a huge prayer request of mine. I did tons of reading before I had the boys and everything I read was about TANDEM breastfeeding and how getting them on the SAME schedule was the only way I'd sleep or stay sane (especially with a toddler) So I put the pressure on myself to do it. And to do it every time. And to do it well. Well, Christian is a great eater. Latches on great and eats efficiently and doesn't puke it all up. Camden on the other hand still needs a nipple shield, kinda crazy at the breast, takes awhile longer to eat and is a MAJOR puker. I'm talking lots and lots and lots of puke. Doesn't matter if I take him off sooner, hold him upright for a long time after, burp lots etc....he is a BIG puker. So