Friday, February 25, 2011

We're ALL Home!

Sorry for the delay in my is officially busy :) We brought Camden home this last week followed by Christian yesterday morning! The boys have been champ eaters and Camden now weighs 5lbs 10.4oz and Christian is at 5lbs 14oz! They also both grew about an inch in length!

I am still tandem nursing, although without my husband's help I'm not sure it would be happening. It might work for now, but I'm also thinking of trying some other things (one at a time, one with a bottle of breast milk etc) just to see what works for us.

We got them on a schedule at the hospital, and so far they are doing pretty well! Sometimes still confused as to when it's night and when it's day :) Camden is quite a spitty baby, but we don't think it's reflux...just a loose sphincter muscle from being a bit premature. They both have quite the distinguishable personality already.

Jack is doing better each day. He's definitely been acting out and doing things he has NEVER done before which makes me sad...but he isn't directing it at the boys so that's good. I know it will just take time. He's such a sensitive little man and I know we've rocked his world.

Today we woke up to snow! So Trev and Jack spent some time out there and then inside we painted a bird house! Trying to keep the fun up for Jack and keep his schedule regular.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the last several days. Thank you all so much for your prayers...they have been felt.
As we settle in to this new crazy, continue praying for rest, patience and wisdom. Thank you for loving on us!!

Jack holding Camden

Christian and Camden chillin'

Cuteness :)

"Say Cheese!"
He reminds me of Calvin in this picture (of Calvin and Hobbes)
Up to no good :)

Snow Play!


  1. so glad you all are home together! you have some adorable little guys :)

    much love,

  2. YAY!! I am sure it feels amazing to have the whole family home together! The boys are absolutely precious! I love their little faces! And you are so right, Jack does look like Calvin : )

  3. That is exciting! Congrats! Jack will adjust soon I am sure. =)Those boys are going to have a lot of fun together!

  4. I am so happy that your new normal/crazy life is all settling in at more trips to the NICU for mommy and leaving Jack at home or the twins at the hospital...
    Will be praying for the nursing/feeding to hit a normal groove...

  5. Yay!! SO glad to hear you are all home together!! THey are super cute babies..look al ot like their brother. Wishing you all the best as you settle into life with your's a ride, but a totally fun one!

  6. Can't believe you are writing and taking pictures ... I remember struggling to get a shower and I only had one .... and only one!
    Congrats on your beautiful family!

  7. I'm new to your site but I just wanted to say all three of your boys are gorgeous. Best wishes for all the happy years ahead. Bless you all.


  8. And this is the post i've been waiting for!!!! Love you.

  9. Yay for y'all! Too much cuteness!:)

  10. Congrats! Visiting from Four Plus an Angel, and I'm a fellow preemie twin mom of NICU survivors too! All 3 of your boys are very handsome!

  11. The boys are adorable! Congratulations!

  12. Hey sweet lady-
    You guys are doing great and yes your schedule will surely ease up as time goes by! One thing I have learned since the girls is just as you settle into a routine they change it up but thats kinda how us girls are..we like to keep people guessing! The boys are thriving being at home surrounded by love and thats so nice to see after a difficult start..your doing great and with an awesome partner by your side anything is possible...YAY for wonderful husbands! Hoping for as much sleep as possible and praying for patience and wisdom!
    Take care and much love,
    The Dunhams

  13. Visiting from Four Plus an Angel. Congrats on your beautiful boys.

  14. I am so glad that you are all home. We are praying for sleep for you all and getting everyone on the same schedule.