Here is a slideshow of the professional pictures taken the day the boys were born! It circulates them pretty you might have to watch it twice ;)
And I don't look my best...sorry! :)

Thank you Lacie from Catching Memories Photography for once again capturing some of the best moments in my life!



  1. What a beautiful slide show. Great job Lacie. I am so honored to be the grandfather of two more precious boys.

  2. How incredibly special!! SO amazing to see the day documented that way. Of course your boys are so precious and beautiful, but I have to say the photos that touched me the most were the ones of your family gathered around you in prayer before the boys arrival. I love it......I hope the boys are doing well tonight and they are one step close to coming home!! Congrats on the beginning of your incredible journey.....the road has been paved! Oh, and the blue toenails...fabulous!

  3. that was beautiful. thank you so much for sharing. your babies are look great too. congrats!

  4. That was beautiful, you are beautiful, your boys are precious and I just love how you had such great support. What a great way to preserve your sweet memories of their birth.

  5. Beautiful photos! Congratulations on your precious boys... and I will be continuing to pray that there is a permanent family reunion soon!

  6. Finally got to watch the slideshow... it is SO NEAT! What a wonderful treasure that must be. The boys are absolutely precious!


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