Saturday, February 5, 2011

Last NST and Room Pictures!

Last Non-Stress Test this morning went good! We were there for several hours, and almost had to do an u/s but the boys cooperated :)
The nurse was incredible and I requested her for Thursday. I can't believe it's only 5 days away...well, less than! At this point in 5 days I hope to be snuggling all of my boys!

So many emotions going on right now, it's insane. I'm trying to write it all down in my journal and on here so that I never forget.

We have some great friends who are letting us borrow their son's train table and train set for a few months. Their son just got used to it being there and wasn't playing with it too much, and so they offered to bring it over as something new and exciting just for Jack. So far...score :)

He's all better and so am I...and Trev has still not gotten sick! He's extremely exhausted though and I don't blame him. Yes, I'm carrying two babies, but I'm not about to say that he doesn't deserve to be on bed-rest for a day or two. He's going a million miles a minute taking care of everything and doesn't say a negative word at all. He's pretty much incredible.

We finished the room last night so I will leave you with some pictures and thanks for your continued prayer and support!!

Camden's step-stool

Two cribs! :)

Christian's step-stool...these were made by my friend Helen

I love their room...

Yep...we have airplanes hanging from their ceiling!

Panorama View


  1. love your twin's new room...I have the same bedding in my youngest bedroom...we hung planes from the ceiling as well. I pray the next few days go quickly and that all goes well with the birth. God bless.

  2. The boys' nursery looks fantastic and I really like your theme! So excited for you to meet the newest members of your family =-)

  3. Countdown to the Bowen Boys. Woooohoooo!!!!

  4. The nursery looks super cute! Great job!

  5. Alanna and I just read the last two updates. Way to go Krystle and Trevor!!!! You are on the home stretch, my dear, and will soon be seeing 2 adorable, little faces. Your and your family are with us in heart, mind and prayer every day. Thank you for the priviledge of sharing these past months with you during your pregnancy. God bless you all. Aunt Sandy

  6. Their bedroom is great, wow only a few more days, you can do it!

  7. Their room is too cute! 5 days!!!

  8. Love their room! :) Especially the re-purposed dresser!

  9. Cute, cute, the nursery!!! OMGosh, and the train/table set, how great is that?!