Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Good News!

We rested last night. We both fell asleep quickly and other than getting up to pump we slept like a rock. I woke up feeling half human this morning.
Our son Jack was so excited that it was US going in to get him this morning. He asked where all of his grandparents were and when I told him it was Daddy and I that were at home he got the biggest smile on his face!

About 20 minutes after we got up I had Trevor call the NICU for an update. I was in the front room when I heard, "WOO-HOO!!!!" :)

Both Camden and Christian are out from under the photo therapy lights! There levels each dropped by 6 points after only being in there one night! And they BOTH gained weight! AND they are sharing a CRIB!!! YAY :) That made my heart sooo happy!!
So...their pediatrician said I could come and try nursing 3-4 out of 8 sessions! So we showered and quickly headed down to see them!

Christian fed first and was pretty drowsy and slow to eat so we topped him off with a finger feed. Camden was much more interested and seemed to get more down. It's still so hard for me to tell are they getting enough from me? I pump quite a bit, but I'm not sure what they are getting...especially sucking so slowly?
This part is the part I'm trying to figure out. Nursing and finger feeding or NG feeding...it's all so confusing. Hopefully we'll get it figured out soon.

The thing I hate about the NICU is all those beeps and alarms. Every time one went off I freaked. The nurses didn't freak, but I did. Watching all the numbers wondering why they were dropping or spiking. I hate that.

We haven't spoken to the doctor today, so no real update on Christian's status or when Camden might come home.

I have appreciated your comments more than you know. I cried at every one and shared them all with my husband. Some I couldn't even read aloud to him. I don't even know most of you in person, but your words have brought great encouragement, perspective and hope. I wish I could hug all of you right now!!

Thank you for your continued prayers for my boys. They are even more beautiful today than yesterday :)


  1. So happy your babies are doing well and that you got some rest! Our first set of twins were in the NICU for a few weeks and I know how difficult it is to leave them there! One of the nurses told me to consider her a REALLY well paid babysitter and rest as much as possible. Much easier said than done, but great advice. Praying for you all!!

  2. Wow! That is awesome news! Those boys will be home with their big brother in no time. =)

  3. Congratulations on your baby boys!! How exciting! Overall they sound like they are doing pretty well. I can completely relate to leaving the hospital without babies :( My girls were born at 34 weeks and spent 13 (baby a) and 15 (baby b) days in the NICU. Mostly for feeding and growing. It is quite unnatural leaving without those sweet babies in your arms. I cried most of the way home the day I left the hospital. you mentioned about getting use to all the monitors...the funny thing is prepare yourself when you get home. I remember the quiet almost being hard to handle. You get use to all the monitors, alarms, and constantly knowing all the STATS I almost felt off balance at home. crazy i know! hehe!
    When one baby came home before the other was also a bittersweet day. So happy we had one strong enough to come home but so sad that we were "leaving" one behind. Thankfully it was only two days but you can bet I cried that day too. Emotions are all over the place when these tiny babies are in the hospital. Certainly don't feel bad if you feel tears are falling more than you expected! it's completely normal :)
    Wishing all the very best for you, your family, and your newest additions! Your fun has just begun!! My girls are now almost 3.5yrs and it seems like an eternity since we were in the NICU. They grow up so fast!!
    Get as much as rest as you can and definitely spend some time with big brother!! before you know it your family of FIVE will be home together!! congratulations again!!