36 Weeks

I'm gonna make sure and take a picture every day from here on out just in case it's the last pic! My head isn't in this one because I forgot to smile and so I look grumpy...but I'm not!! So...just the belly :) That's all that really matters right?

Been sitting on my butt all weekend....but I only have 3 days left! When I do get up and take a shower and walk around the house a bit my contractions intensify so I know I'm doing the right thing by laying low. Happy Monday to everyone and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet cousin Peyton Marie (we share a middle name) who feels more like a niece to me than a cousin. I love you sweetie!!


  1. Woohoo! Only 3 more days!!! Your tummy bump looks great :)

  2. It seems like you are going to be more pregnant with the twins than you were with Jack, huh! That is amazing! Did you have Jack at 36 weeks exactly?

  3. looking good...you have been on my heart a lot and I pray for you and the boys...all 4 of them...every time your name enters my mind...
    I know that God's hands are on the 2 tiniest Bowen boys and that he will protect them.

    my mommy's heart is praying for you and your desire for no NICU...I have prayed that over and over for you...can't wait to see pictures in a few days of those 2 healthy boys in your arms!

  4. Looks like you have made it!! how exciting!! wishing you a smooth and uneventful delivery and two baby boys in your arms! it's about to get wild and crazy and you'll love every minute!

  5. Enjoy these last few days! Having twins is AMAZING, and the most fun thing I've ever experienced! Take lots of photos, write it all down and "treasure it up in your heart". Thanks for stopping by my place...make sure to come back! I'll be coming back to check on you and the boys!

  6. Yay for big pregnant bellies...can't wait to see the sweet faces nestled inside :)))


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