Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Thoughts of an "I'm so done being pregnant" Person

* Will my belly detach itself from my body one of these nights? Rolling over from side to side trying to get comfortable...I swear this thing is going to just rip off.

* Jack thinks my morphed belly button is fun to pull at. It's not.

* How in THE world does my husband still think I'm sexy? Sexier actually...he has vision issues I believe, but I will tell you hearing him say that multiple times a day...I know I'm darn blessed.

* Karen Kingsbury new obsession. I read one today. Yeah, you read that right. I read the whole book. Hey, I'm sick and in bed...and I don't follow enough blogs to keep me busy ALL day!

* I have the coolest OB in the world. I can't tell you why, but trust me...I do.

* I have the best friends in the whole world. Here's a rundown for this week where I was super sick and so was Jack....

My buddy Becky cleaned my bathroom and floors and dusted my house on Monday AND made dinner. My friend Lacie AKA my personal photographer made me vegetarian chicken noodle soup and brought my son a smoothie on Tuesday. My Mom brought me a donut and hot chocolate on Wednesday...oh and Jack's favorite snacks. And my sweet friend Laurel brought homemade cheesecake, homemade bagels and homemade adorable hats for the twins today.
YES...I have the best friends ever.

* Prilosec OTC is my best friend.

* Yep. I'm pregnant and depending on who you are and where I was when you asked me about my pregnancy I might leave out the fact that I'm having twins so I don't have to stand and talk to you forever. :)

* know, my totally awesome friend and photographer....she's going to be at the hospital the entire time we are there on D-Day to take pictures. Before we go in, of the family waiting and of those sweet moments after. I never knew about a 'birth photographer' with Jack, but I'm super excited! We all just get to be enamored with the babies and someone else can take the pics...and amazing ones at that! Then I can just give a CD to everyone :) So darn cool huh?! If you're pregnant...look into a birth photographer. WAY more fun if it wasn't a c-section, but still, super cool.

* Tonight my hubby is going to paint my toenails. I picked blue :)

* We applied for pre-school for Jack for this fall. I'm kinda trippin' out....didn't I just have him!?!? It's gonna be soooo good for him and for me to have him in part-time preschool!!

I think that just might do it for now.....these are the things I lay awake at night thinking about. That and if my waterproof mascara is gonna hold up on D-Day.


  1. I love your friends!!!
    You need to take a pic of the new blues and post it.
    I love the idea of having a photographer there to film the arrival of the boys. Can't wait!

  2. What an awesome blog you have! You are such an inspiration Krystle! I am sooo excited to meet those beautiful baby boys! I promise I will bring the blankets and burp cloths by soon. Love you girl!

  3. BLess're nearly there and crossing the finish line!! Hang in there a few more days! And what a sweet husband you have!

  4. Oh Krystle, this made me laugh and also want to cry in commiseration. I realize you are a couple weeks ahead of me but I could relate on quite a few of those. I can hardly roll over in bed nonetheless get up and out to go for my frequent nightly bathroom trips. The hubby will probably have to start helping me with that soon (no loss of dignity there). Today, all day, it felt like these babies were trying exit via belly button. I am done talking about the twin pregnancy...oh wait, that's right, I have to talk about it some more with all the church ladies at the shower tomorrow ;-) It's all about having a sense of humor, right? God has blessed us tremendously and we just have finish this race with perseverance.

  5. What a great blog entry. I was so engrossed and I totally agreed with everything you said. I especially liked the part about the cheesecake friend :) I am going to think about a birth photographer(AKA Lacie) now. You are awesome!So stoked to know you!

  6. Great post! Had a good laugh. I realize I will be where you are soon (minus the fact I am only have one instead of two) so I will know your discomfort.
    I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Karen Kingsbury. I think I've read all her books. I hope my friends are as cool as yours when I'm about ready to pop ;-). Hang in there friend! My prayers are with you.

  7. You're getting SOOOOO close!!!! I'm so happy for you, but I vividly remember that last preggo month (and not fondly) ;) I felt like huge bus and rolling over is not great, that's for sure. I can't wait to see pics! :)

    Praying for you, sweet friend!