As most of you know, my amazingly beautiful and sweet sister just got engaged! Her sweet fiance (my future brother-in-law) is leaving Sunday for 6 weeks of training and then on to Qatar until mid July. He is a Staff Sergeant radar technician with the Air National Guard.

If you could keep him in your prayers I would be greatly appreciative. Pray protection over his body as he comes and goes, as well as while he is there. Protection over his mind and spirit as he will be exposed to things he has not yet seen or heard, and that his heart would remain tender and focused upon the Lord. Pray that he can be a great witness and example to the others around him.
 Also, pray for my sister. The women in our family don't do well when away from our men..... She does has school, work, wedding plans and new twin nephews to keep her busy, but it will still be very hard.

                                                                  Thank you all so much!
Chris and Breanna....aren't they gorgeous?!


  1. I pray everything goes very well and he comes home safe and sound. I, too, have a really hard time being away from my husband...I never understand those that don't have a problem being apart! I pray your sister has peace about her during these trying times!!

  2. They are a beautiful couple, and I will remember them in prayer, I have a brother in the service, he went over to Afghanistan, they definitely need protection, and I think your list was spot on!

  3. My prayers will be with your sister and her fiance. I understand that situation first hand and it is not an easy one.

  4. Will certainly say a prayer for them. We pray fairly regularly for our military families. For my guest post series on marriage I will have several posts by military families. God bless.


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