Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pictures of the Twin's Room

Other than another crib we're pretty much set! They'll be sleeping together in an Arms Reach Co-Sleeper for the first few months (well, that's the plan!) so we have some time to get that...but yeah, everything else is basically ready!
We're going to hang some cool airplanes from the ceiling and put up some posters and a couple red airplane hooks on the wall and that's it!

One crib all ready to go...and bins filled with burp rags, bibs, socks, shoes and hats! Oh and that cute diaper caddy from my friend Robin at Partialemptynester! :)

My rocking chair, and the re-furbished dresser...I'm LOVING the red lamp with the red airplane on it!

Bedding :) It's sooo soft!

My lil pilots. Some vintage airplane books and 2 pairs of cute airplane Robeeze

Panorama of the room

Swings (in the living room)
This made it feel real...since we don't have 2 cribs yet it didn't look too different...but the swings. Whoa...:)