Friday, January 7, 2011

Pictures from the week!

Mr. Dimples

Jack and his best friend "Monkey"

Jack testing out the stroller with Kitty and Monkey

This stroller is amazing. It handles like a SINGLE stroller....soooo light and folds up with one hand! BOOYAH! Love my Chicco stroller and car seats!!

Jack testing out the Bumbo...

31 Weeks! The REAL belly people.....


  1. Love them!!!! Exciting times for your family! Ah... brings back memories for me :)

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Beautiful belly! Gorgeous boy! Love all the pictures and all of you!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous belly photo!! You are blessed. :)

    And I really love the bumbo as a hat picture -- I think our bumbo was more often a hat then a seat.


  4. are doing great : ) Can't beat a stroller that works for you, especially when your hands are going to be so full!

  5. Thanks for the nice comments that you left! That was really sweet! Looks like you are coming down the home stretch with your twins!! I have to be honest...the first few months are a little overwhelming but once you survive that, twins are soooo much fun! I have enjoyed every up and down that has come with having twins. Definitely take lots of pictures! It's incredible how fast they grow (which I am sure you already know with your little man)best wishes to you and your family!! The fun is just about to begin! :)