Monday, January 17, 2011

My One Year Bloggiversary!

I can't believe I've been blogging for a year.

 I remember when I started it was mainly because of this lady. And she's like a fantastic writer and I thought, how can I ever write anything that compares to what she writes. But she encouraged me to give it a whirl.

I remember when I started I was determined not to share too much, and leave it pretty shallow. I had read some blogs where people just shared too darn much and I felt that it was weird. So, it started off with a couple pictures and short posts.

Then I found this blog. I read it. I wept. And wept and wept and wept. We had just lost our baby and something in Angie's vulnerability and honesty hit home. Her blog had actually ministered to me. I read her story from the beginning, I listed to Audrey's song. It helped me heal. A blog? Someone I didn't know? Wow.

So I thought, well.....her blog helped me, maybe mine can help someone else. So I began to be honest and share with all 3 of my initial followers what God was doing in me, how I was feeling and what I was thinking. It was scary. I often wondered if I should delete the post or not...but I kept banging away at the keys. My blog look changed almost every day as I figured out this massive world of HTML and all. It changed with my mood and where I was at.

Little by little a new 'follower' would pop up, and one day she showed up. My first follower I didn't know! I was totally excited, kinda scared and surprised all at the same time. She saw my comments on Beth Moore's blog and hopped over to see me. This lady has been a constant source of encouragement, with her e-mails and comments. I have come to feel like I really know her, she's amazing. She even sent me a baby shower gift!! I know someday we're gonna meet and I can't wait to hug her!

This blog has been a document of my journey from loss, a loss I never thought I'd an overflowing cup of blessings. I am so thankful I have this to look back on. I am going to get my blog printed into a book so that I have a hard copy just in case!

I knew I was never going to have a blog with hundreds of followers, or do advertising...that is a huge investment of time. But I enjoy meeting new people and following their blogs, it's a neat little world out here.

I still can't believe people actually read this stuff. And then comment and say such nice things. It blows me away.

So thank you. Thanks for following, for reading and for caring. Especially to the people I don't even know.

I'm looking forward to this next blogging year and the start of my new blog!


  1. Congratulations on a great first year of blogging. And I didn't realize the circumstances that first prompted you to begin. Very vulnerable and brave, and I hope some degree of healing has come from it, esp as you have ministered to others. God bless.

  2. YAY!!! Congrats!!!! I'm so happy for you and I'm so happy that I found your blog :)

    keep up the great work, girlfriend!
    Melanie :)

  3. Congratulations! And what a sweet post! I think we found each other through going to the SSMTC?

    Keep on blogging!

  4. You do a wonderful job on your blog! Congrats on your anniversary, I was the same way when I started, changing it a lot. There is something pretty neat about meeting friends, especially ones you connect well with. It helps you feel less lonely and more friend full : ) Keep up the great work!

  5. Congrats! Funny how things begin and grow over time. I love your blog. =)

  6. Didn't anyone ever warn you about stranger danger, girlfriend!?!? Lol!!!! Too fun, I had no idea I was your first "stranger follower", teehee! I love it! And yes...we are SOOO gonna meet one day! You're the first one I'm checking into my guest room for the siesta conference next year...although the state of Texas is pretty big and Beth Moore's is in the southern half ;)
    Love you, oh, so much, Krystle!! Happy, happy bloggiversary!!!!!

  7. i love reading your blog! i found it on multiples and more. i have my own set of twin boys, they are 17 months and it has been a WONDERFUL ride!! you are in the home stretch now!!

  8. I can't believe it's been a year. I love you. I love your blog. Keep writing.

  9. Congrats on your bloggiversary! Thanks for your e-mail. I have been trying to play catch up this past week and am slowly getting there.

  10. Congrats! My blog has been a blessing to me too!
    I've had fun reading through your past year with your twin pregnancy! You found out much sooner than I did!
    You will have so much fun with three boys! We had four boys and then the twin girls! We did not plan on having names with the same first initial either, but Elizabeth and Emily just ended up being our favorite names!
    Of course, I DO dress my girls alike, partially because we got so many cute matching gifts, partially because I even matched my singleton boys when they were younger!
    Seriously, having twins has been the biggest challenge and the biggest blessing in my life and a great way for God's Faithfulness to shine through in my life!

  11. What a wonderful bloggiversary post! Love it! Your blog is beautiful & inspiring. You have inspired me.

  12. You know that you are the one who inspired me to start blogging. I have found it to be such an outlet, and I thank you for that. You are so encouraging and real and raw, and I love it. You truly are an amazing person Mrs. Bowen! Here's to another great year of growth!

  13. What a precious story; thanks for sharing it, and thank you for your blog! It has been a pleasure to get to "know" you here.