Monday, January 3, 2011

It's just a bunch of Miscellany....

It's been awhile since I've done one of these! Link up with Carissa and do your own miscellany!

* Happy New Year!
My sweetie and I went up to Callahan's for two nights. It's a lodge about 45 minutes away, but it's tucked up nice in the mountains and it was COVERED with snow :) This was our first time leaving Jack for 2 nights. I had a hard time that first afternoon/evening...I cried. It's always good for a break and to getaway, but I am NOT a Mom who can just say "see ya!" But it was so good for Trev and I to get away one last time before the twins are born. Having one FULL day from sunrise to sunset of no responsibilities to a little one really did make us feel rested!

View from the front of the lodge

Panorama of the room and my sweets by the fire!

* My previous post showed you some pics of the twins' room. Feeling so good about it! The planner in me wishes the other crib was in there and all put together, but since we don't NEED it right away, it's okay that it's not ready. I just love their room. I cannot believe they will be here next month!

* Sleep. I miss good sleep. Since I've had one baby before I can say this....losing sleep over a newborn is WAY different than losing sleep because of heartburn, restless legs, leg cramping, backache, hips hurting and flipping over throughout the night feeling like a piece of bacon, and the potty breaks every hour. Ugh.

* I've been having fun playing with my new GPS Navigator and Camera :) I'm not a big gadget person, but these things are fun! I'm so glad we got the new camera before the boys arrived!

* I am constantly wondering how much bigger I will it possible for this skin of mine to continue to stretch and will my belly button just split open?

Super Jack!


  1. FUnny, the whole belly button thing! I made it to 33 weeks with the first twins, and 36 weeks with the second set. BY week 33 with set #2, I felt like my ribcage was going to completely split at the sternum. Hang in there and be ever so thankful our skin is so elastic!! I hope you find a *somewhat* comfortable sleep least for a bit!

  2. I remember feeling that way about my belly with Desmond...I thought if I got any bigger my skin would split! but that was with just one! I cant imagine twins...and btw, I have a pretty good chance of having twins grandma was one and my sister has them so who knows! Just a little random fact for you lol.

    SO jealous of Callahan's! I really want to get up there soon. It looks so gorgeous! I cant believe your boys will be here NEXT month! AH! crazy awesome!