So I deleted my Facebook. Weird feeling. There have been pros and cons to it. The pros being, I have connected with some people from high school and such and we've formed real life friendships! It's been a great way to get prayer requests out quickly. My whole family was on it so it was another easy way to connect. I got to constantly post pics and brag about my son :)

Cons being, I added way too many people that I know just wanted information about me and my family, and wanted to stay in the loop. We aren't friends in real life and if not for Facebook would never have spoken. It felt like TOO much of my life was out there for people to see. Of course I put out the pics and statuses, but like I said....people on there that I shouldn't have added.

I always felt guilty, like are they gonna message me and ask why I denied them or never responded to their request?! If I for some reason see them at the mall am I gonna get a stink eye?!

Being a pastor's wife, I'm kinda under a microscope a lot of the time and denying church goers....well, I'm just not sure how that would look ya know?! plan is to take a break and then add back my family and close friends. And be honest with others if they ask why I haven't added them. But a break was needed. It sucked my time away and any extra time I have...I'd rather blog :)


  1. My husband and I are pastors and I have approached social media as the window for people to see into my world. In a world of constant marketing, I think that our culture is more and more looking to be sure that something is the real deal before they bite into it. They want to know that I am a real person and sometimes I wear two different shoes to church on accident. I have found that since I started approaching social media as an opportunity to let people into my world, people have received my leadership better.

    I have also found old friends who have followed my life to check out Christianity and are now coming to church because they liked what they were seeing in my life.

    I am careful about what I post, always thinking about how many eyes are watching and how I can best influence them. Overall it has become a platform for me to engage in relationships and influence people even while I spend most of my time at home with three small children.

    That is just my experience, but I thought I would share.

  2. My husband is a pastor as well and we debated over this issue. We always had our facebook page together as a couple, and when he went back into ministry he started his own page. Now we have our 'couple' page with friends and family on it, and 'his' page which is mostly just church and ministry related people. I want to be open with the people in our church, yet I need to know I have some privacy as well. And also, some of the things the youth group posts, well my family doesn't need to see all that.

  3. I feel the same way about facebook, it seems to add a layer of politics to it that I don't care too much for and I would rather blog too! With the babies coming soon now seems like the perfect time to lighten the social media load :-)

  4. i totally understand! i'm not on facebook...have never been...a lot of is is fear of what you've described exactly...i'd just rather not...KWIM?? don't feel pressured to keep up with that.

    excited for the "new blog" reveal! and about those boy!!! :)


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