Sunday, January 9, 2011

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to my Husband.

You have blessed me more than you will ever know.
I still can't believe God saved you for me.
That He allowed you to rescue me before my heart could be tainted.

You are so patient with me
You make me a better person
A better person in Christ and
A better friend

You've given me my heart's desire....being a Mommy
You're hard work has allowed me to be just where I want to be...
at home.

You're the definition of integrity. You are who you say you are...
all the time.
You do not waiver.

You tell me I'm gorgeous and that
I'm beautiful
You tell me you love me
Every day.

You show me and tell me of your love

You are an incredible Dad
You are a faithful son
You are a loyal friend
You are an incredible husband
You are my very best friend
My soul mate
My lobster....

I love our life together
I love growing along side you in all things

Happy Birthday Love.



  1. What a beautiful tribute! Of course, I am very curious about the lobster comment...

  2. Very Sweet! SO nice to absolutely love the person you're married to, isn't it?! Hope you had a wonderful day the reference to Friend's in your tribute too....lobster 8-)

  3. I am such a firm believer in praying for the future spouses of your children. Krystle, we prayed from the time you were a very little girl that God would bring the right man, His man, at the right time - His time. God is faithful! Trevor is proof that God answers prayers! And we are praying that God will bring godly women into the lives of Jack, Camden and Christian - His women in His time!