Wednesday, January 19, 2011

33 Weeks

So I'm a little late in posting this, our computer is down and I'm using my hubby's laptop :)

33 weeks. I feel like just yesterday I posted about our 20 week appointment, and what they were. It's gone fast....

We saw my OB yesterday, this weekly appointment thing makes things feel like they are speeding up!

 My BP is still great, like 110/70 great (so glad I inherited my Mom's low BP!!)
It was also the first non-stress test for us. A non-stress test measures their heart rates in relation to their movement....if they are moving, their heart rate should be up and if they are resting, it should be down. I was strapped up and given a little button to push any time I felt the baby move. So, first we went with Christian (baby B), he is typically pretty chill inside. Not a crazy mover, and pretty calm. He did great, stayed still enough to get the monitor on him, but moved enough they could see he was just fine!

Then it was Camden's turn (baby A)....he is my mover and shaker. The kid is constantly going, kicking, pushing, rolling, all the time. So she couldn't get him still enough to monitor him. She had me turn on my side and we got it! But then....he fell asleep :) I drank some apple juice, poked him, wiggled him and nothing. Went back on my back, he woke up...but wouldn't hold still. So....I went back on my side and that stinker fell asleep again!
So, we were looking at having to go back later that day or the next day to try again. Our OB decided to try with the in room ultrasound machine and see his breathing/swallowing and heart rate on the screen. He saw all that he needed to, and of course Camden looks great, he's just a stinker. So....2 hours later we left. :)

I am dilated to a 2, just from the weight of the pregnancy, no pre-term labor so I'm still just on light duty and take it easy mode, no bed-rest! YAY!!
They have dropped to station -1, but this again is all just from the weight of it all.

So, they are still breech. He thought for a second Camden might have flipped, but it was his bum not his head :)
That means we have an official date! C-Section is scheduled for February 10th at 7:30am! Wow...this is really happening. I prayed from the beginning that I wouldn't have to have one, but that's OK...I've been preparing myself.

3 weeks from tomorrow. Holy Moly.

We have an ultrasound to check weight/size next Tuesday, another non-stress test the following week and then BAM!

So here are my prayer requests:
They will be delivered at 36weeks 3 days. This is just 4 days shy of full term for twins, but it is still early. We are praying desperately that their lungs are fully developed and they are in such great shape we will not spend ANY time in the NICU. Please pray along with us. Jack was 36weeks 2 days and spend a week in there. We do not want that again.

Pray for Jack, this is gonna be such an adjustment with not only a new sibling, but TWO. I am just praying it goes great and he doesn't feel like he is put on the back burner.

Those along with nursing to go well, no reflux issues, and a smooth recovery for me are my main requests.

Now comes the point where I set aside my pride and realize we can't do this alone...

I am not a person who asks for help....normally. But we need it. We're going to need it....we're going to need someone to just come clean up the house, and someone to grocery shop for us, and meals made for that we can focus on our boys. There will be a time for people to just come hold babies, but that is gonna be our job, and so I can successfully nurse, I need that time. So we need people willing to do the other stuff. And I'm not going to be making phone calls, here is my asking for help. If you are local, and you would love to help out, we would love for you to. You can email my Mom, Sheri at and let her know what you could do. She is trying to set up 2 months worth of meals for us, but if there is something else you can do, let her know. We cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate it already. And I would never be able to ask this in person of anyone, so doing it on my blog makes it way easier :)

Yes, life is gonna be crazy...and I wouldn't change a darn thing about it!



  1. So excited for you! I wish I lived close enough to come clean your house or make a meal and see those cute little babies!

  2. My mom had twins, but she had my sister 10yrs and me 8 yrs to help with the babies and clean and cook. I wish I lived closer and I would be there everyday to help.Never feel bad about asking for help...even 1 newborn is nuts. Good luck and many prayers for you and the boys. God is good and will provide. :)

  3. Krystle I just can't believe how time has flown. This post made me so happy. I love how their little personalities are already so evident. And the fact that you are so in tune with how Jack might react tells me that he will be fine. In fact, I think he is going to be an awesome big brother. Don't worry. Your family and friends will take care of everything so you can concentrate on your guys. I'm so excited and am praying all of these things and more.

  4. Great news getting this far!! And 3 weeks is gonna fly by! As for the c-section, you will be so overwhlemed with joy and wanting to see the boys that your recovery will not seem as bad as you are possibly thinking it will be! I can remember all the stories I was told and blah blah blah, but it was NOT that bad! Not when you have two precious little people you are thrilled to meet! You are in the home stretch, but be careful too.....things can change fast with 2 on board!! I pray everything stays quiet for the next 3 weeks.

  5. You are getting so close! I will definitely be praying for your little guys, that they will be very strong and won't need NICU time. As for the c-section, I have a fear about needing one too but ultimately it's about getting your boys out safely. I can totally empathize about not liking to ask for help. The thought of having to move when I am around 35-36 weeks makes me so nervous because I am going to have to rely on other people. I think it teaches us to be humble and gracious and accept that we can't do it all on our own.

  6. A good friend of mine has a daughter followed by twin girls. It has been fun seeing the interaction between the twins and their older sibling. Thought you might like to check out her blog-

  7. Such a great report! Yay! Thanks for all the wonderfully specific ways we can pray and watch the hand of God move :)
    Wish I was local!!