Monday, January 31, 2011

35 Weeks

That's a BIG BELLY!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Next Week, 11 Days, It's........

It just seemed so appropriate. :)

Don't FORGET....after the boys arrive I will be at a new domain/blog! So keep your eyes open for the big change!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Thoughts of an "I'm so done being pregnant" Person

* Will my belly detach itself from my body one of these nights? Rolling over from side to side trying to get comfortable...I swear this thing is going to just rip off.

* Jack thinks my morphed belly button is fun to pull at. It's not.

* How in THE world does my husband still think I'm sexy? Sexier actually...he has vision issues I believe, but I will tell you hearing him say that multiple times a day...I know I'm darn blessed.

* Karen Kingsbury new obsession. I read one today. Yeah, you read that right. I read the whole book. Hey, I'm sick and in bed...and I don't follow enough blogs to keep me busy ALL day!

* I have the coolest OB in the world. I can't tell you why, but trust me...I do.

* I have the best friends in the whole world. Here's a rundown for this week where I was super sick and so was Jack....

My buddy Becky cleaned my bathroom and floors and dusted my house on Monday AND made dinner. My friend Lacie AKA my personal photographer made me vegetarian chicken noodle soup and brought my son a smoothie on Tuesday. My Mom brought me a donut and hot chocolate on Wednesday...oh and Jack's favorite snacks. And my sweet friend Laurel brought homemade cheesecake, homemade bagels and homemade adorable hats for the twins today.
YES...I have the best friends ever.

* Prilosec OTC is my best friend.

* Yep. I'm pregnant and depending on who you are and where I was when you asked me about my pregnancy I might leave out the fact that I'm having twins so I don't have to stand and talk to you forever. :)

* know, my totally awesome friend and photographer....she's going to be at the hospital the entire time we are there on D-Day to take pictures. Before we go in, of the family waiting and of those sweet moments after. I never knew about a 'birth photographer' with Jack, but I'm super excited! We all just get to be enamored with the babies and someone else can take the pics...and amazing ones at that! Then I can just give a CD to everyone :) So darn cool huh?! If you're pregnant...look into a birth photographer. WAY more fun if it wasn't a c-section, but still, super cool.

* Tonight my hubby is going to paint my toenails. I picked blue :)

* We applied for pre-school for Jack for this fall. I'm kinda trippin' out....didn't I just have him!?!? It's gonna be soooo good for him and for me to have him in part-time preschool!!

I think that just might do it for now.....these are the things I lay awake at night thinking about. That and if my waterproof mascara is gonna hold up on D-Day.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


As most of you know, my amazingly beautiful and sweet sister just got engaged! Her sweet fiance (my future brother-in-law) is leaving Sunday for 6 weeks of training and then on to Qatar until mid July. He is a Staff Sergeant radar technician with the Air National Guard.

If you could keep him in your prayers I would be greatly appreciative. Pray protection over his body as he comes and goes, as well as while he is there. Protection over his mind and spirit as he will be exposed to things he has not yet seen or heard, and that his heart would remain tender and focused upon the Lord. Pray that he can be a great witness and example to the others around him.
 Also, pray for my sister. The women in our family don't do well when away from our men..... She does has school, work, wedding plans and new twin nephews to keep her busy, but it will still be very hard.

                                                                  Thank you all so much!
Chris and Breanna....aren't they gorgeous?!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

34 Weeks

If someone would have told me at the start of this I was going to make it to 34 weeks with virtually no issues...I would have been shocked. But we have done it! Risks for babies born after 34 weeks drop significantly and it was such a great feeling to reach this milestone! We had our appointment today and so here is the rundown!

We got to see our boys on ultrasound today! Last time we got a glance was at 28 weeks. Our boys are stinkers, but we had already figured that out. We didn't get to see their faces at ALL! pictures. BUT we will see them in real life very soon :)

Camden (Baby A) is breech. Duh. He looks marvelous and is weighing in at 4lbs 10oz! Such a great weight!! He has a great amount of fluid around him. The ultrasound tech said that the fluid around each boy is as much as it would be if there were only one baby in there, so I am doing a great job of taking care of my little men!

Christian (Baby B) is transverse. Basically he's lying across my belly...his head is so far over it's near my right hip! I had to lie on my side so she could measure his head!! His butt is up against Camden's feet at the moment :) He is weighing in at 4lbs 13oz!!! So they are virtually the same size! This is wonderful news! A lot of the time with twins, one starts hogging all the nutrition and outweighs the other one by a significant amount. But our boys are sharing very well right now!

Our ultrasound tech said my body is doing so good taking care of them and that I look amazing and that I was made to have babies. I love her.

I am measuring 38 weeks which is actually 2 weeks less than last week, but it can go up or down. So, I feel good about that.

I am dilated to a 3 now. So, basically I am not on bed rest, but as close as you can get.  Nothing extra. Nothing. No more little walks to the park with Jack, walking around the grocery store, or lifting Jack. I am not having pre-term labor, this is just from the weight of the pregnancy. more anything for me basically. And it's so worth it to keep these boys in here!

Next week is another non-stress test and check-up, the very next week we will do one more non-stress test that Tuesday and then Thursday is the BIG DAY! Two weeks from Thursday!!

I am praying so hard that they stay in there until that day. Doing everything I know to do. We are hoping for a 5lb birth weight. I'm even praying for more! :) I'll try and get a belly shot this week....

So, that's the scoop. Jack is quite sick and so am I, so we would love your prayers in that regard as well. I am so praying Trevor doesn't get it...he's been my rock. He's so incredible.

Top Two Prayer Requests:
*Make it to the 10th

Monday, January 24, 2011

Siesta Scripture Memorization Team

If there are any of you out there doing the SSMT along with Beth Moore, I made a little button just for fun! It's on the left side of my blog, under my button! Go ahead and grab it and put it on your blog!

17 Days Left...I think I can, I think I can!

Computer is back...for now. Feels like forever since I blogged!

Nothing much to update you on other than I have a horrible nasty cold. I fought it off for 2 weeks and it finally took over :(
Praying it moves through me quick and that the boys either get it right away or not at all...we only have 17 days left before our new little men arrive!!!!

Tomorrow is a big appointment, ultrasound to check weights on the boys so keep us in your prayers! Other than this nasty cold I'm still doing great! 34 weeks today!

Will post tomorrow with (crossing my fingers) pictures!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

33 Weeks

So I'm a little late in posting this, our computer is down and I'm using my hubby's laptop :)

33 weeks. I feel like just yesterday I posted about our 20 week appointment, and what they were. It's gone fast....

We saw my OB yesterday, this weekly appointment thing makes things feel like they are speeding up!

 My BP is still great, like 110/70 great (so glad I inherited my Mom's low BP!!)
It was also the first non-stress test for us. A non-stress test measures their heart rates in relation to their movement....if they are moving, their heart rate should be up and if they are resting, it should be down. I was strapped up and given a little button to push any time I felt the baby move. So, first we went with Christian (baby B), he is typically pretty chill inside. Not a crazy mover, and pretty calm. He did great, stayed still enough to get the monitor on him, but moved enough they could see he was just fine!

Then it was Camden's turn (baby A)....he is my mover and shaker. The kid is constantly going, kicking, pushing, rolling, all the time. So she couldn't get him still enough to monitor him. She had me turn on my side and we got it! But then....he fell asleep :) I drank some apple juice, poked him, wiggled him and nothing. Went back on my back, he woke up...but wouldn't hold still. So....I went back on my side and that stinker fell asleep again!
So, we were looking at having to go back later that day or the next day to try again. Our OB decided to try with the in room ultrasound machine and see his breathing/swallowing and heart rate on the screen. He saw all that he needed to, and of course Camden looks great, he's just a stinker. So....2 hours later we left. :)

I am dilated to a 2, just from the weight of the pregnancy, no pre-term labor so I'm still just on light duty and take it easy mode, no bed-rest! YAY!!
They have dropped to station -1, but this again is all just from the weight of it all.

So, they are still breech. He thought for a second Camden might have flipped, but it was his bum not his head :)
That means we have an official date! C-Section is scheduled for February 10th at 7:30am! Wow...this is really happening. I prayed from the beginning that I wouldn't have to have one, but that's OK...I've been preparing myself.

3 weeks from tomorrow. Holy Moly.

We have an ultrasound to check weight/size next Tuesday, another non-stress test the following week and then BAM!

So here are my prayer requests:
They will be delivered at 36weeks 3 days. This is just 4 days shy of full term for twins, but it is still early. We are praying desperately that their lungs are fully developed and they are in such great shape we will not spend ANY time in the NICU. Please pray along with us. Jack was 36weeks 2 days and spend a week in there. We do not want that again.

Pray for Jack, this is gonna be such an adjustment with not only a new sibling, but TWO. I am just praying it goes great and he doesn't feel like he is put on the back burner.

Those along with nursing to go well, no reflux issues, and a smooth recovery for me are my main requests.

Now comes the point where I set aside my pride and realize we can't do this alone...

I am not a person who asks for help....normally. But we need it. We're going to need it....we're going to need someone to just come clean up the house, and someone to grocery shop for us, and meals made for that we can focus on our boys. There will be a time for people to just come hold babies, but that is gonna be our job, and so I can successfully nurse, I need that time. So we need people willing to do the other stuff. And I'm not going to be making phone calls, here is my asking for help. If you are local, and you would love to help out, we would love for you to. You can email my Mom, Sheri at and let her know what you could do. She is trying to set up 2 months worth of meals for us, but if there is something else you can do, let her know. We cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate it already. And I would never be able to ask this in person of anyone, so doing it on my blog makes it way easier :)

Yes, life is gonna be crazy...and I wouldn't change a darn thing about it!


Monday, January 17, 2011

My One Year Bloggiversary!

I can't believe I've been blogging for a year.

 I remember when I started it was mainly because of this lady. And she's like a fantastic writer and I thought, how can I ever write anything that compares to what she writes. But she encouraged me to give it a whirl.

I remember when I started I was determined not to share too much, and leave it pretty shallow. I had read some blogs where people just shared too darn much and I felt that it was weird. So, it started off with a couple pictures and short posts.

Then I found this blog. I read it. I wept. And wept and wept and wept. We had just lost our baby and something in Angie's vulnerability and honesty hit home. Her blog had actually ministered to me. I read her story from the beginning, I listed to Audrey's song. It helped me heal. A blog? Someone I didn't know? Wow.

So I thought, well.....her blog helped me, maybe mine can help someone else. So I began to be honest and share with all 3 of my initial followers what God was doing in me, how I was feeling and what I was thinking. It was scary. I often wondered if I should delete the post or not...but I kept banging away at the keys. My blog look changed almost every day as I figured out this massive world of HTML and all. It changed with my mood and where I was at.

Little by little a new 'follower' would pop up, and one day she showed up. My first follower I didn't know! I was totally excited, kinda scared and surprised all at the same time. She saw my comments on Beth Moore's blog and hopped over to see me. This lady has been a constant source of encouragement, with her e-mails and comments. I have come to feel like I really know her, she's amazing. She even sent me a baby shower gift!! I know someday we're gonna meet and I can't wait to hug her!

This blog has been a document of my journey from loss, a loss I never thought I'd an overflowing cup of blessings. I am so thankful I have this to look back on. I am going to get my blog printed into a book so that I have a hard copy just in case!

I knew I was never going to have a blog with hundreds of followers, or do advertising...that is a huge investment of time. But I enjoy meeting new people and following their blogs, it's a neat little world out here.

I still can't believe people actually read this stuff. And then comment and say such nice things. It blows me away.

So thank you. Thanks for following, for reading and for caring. Especially to the people I don't even know.

I'm looking forward to this next blogging year and the start of my new blog!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Scripture Memory Verse for the 15th

In a previous post I shared with you the Scripture Memorization Team I am doing along with Beth Moore and thousands of others around this country and probably world! Our commitment to memorizing 24 scriptures this year, two a month.

So here is scripture number two, a great reminder for myself.

"Therefore as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience." Colossians 3:12 NIV

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Five Question Friday

I found a new linky for Friday!

After you read mine, click the picture above and head on over to link up yourself!!

1. What movie could you watch over and over again and not get tired of?

Grease. I have loved this movie since I was like 5 or 6 and would watch the edited version on TV. I love it.

2. What's your biggest pet peeve right now?

People touching my belly who I don't know at ALL or who I hardly know. Hands off people!!

3. If you had to describe your best friend in five words or less, what would you say?
Loyal, God-fearing, hilarious, talented and genuine.
I love you and you know who you are! :)

4. If you did not have to worry about money or go to school what would you do for a living?

I would own a bookstore/coffee shop. We'd have store cats and big comfy couches and make the best coffee. And we'd sell yummy goodies made by my sister and my best friend. And it'd be open really late on weekends. But this would be after my kiddos were grown and out of the house because honestly, I can't think of doing anything else but being home with them. It's what I've always wanted and I feel so blessed to be able to!

5. What is your one "splurge" item, that you will always buy, no matter the cost?

Umpqua milk. It's the best and none can compare.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Jack chasing the poor cat around the house.....she hisses at him and he says, "Bless you Punkin!"
Err...I don't think that was a sneeze!

Sexy Forever?

So, one of the funnest blogs I follow is Carissa's over at lowercase letters. She is the one who does the Miscellany Monday. She's just real and down to earth. Her post today was so perfect, I loved it and agree with it so much! I posted the link to her post so you could all enjoy :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well, we made it to January without really getting sick, which I think is pretty darn good. I think the fact that Jack stays home with me protects him from all sorts of nasty germs. BUT...we've finally been hit. Jack has a yucky cold and I can tell I'm fighting one.

So thankful for humidifiers and Boogie Wipes. Have you heard of Boogie Wipes? They are pretty much amazing and make wiping Jack's nose much less of a battle!

My OB told me to up my Vitamin C and take Zinc lozenges, so I'm trying my best to fend this thing off!

Although, if we have to get sick, now is the time to do it before the babies arrive! I'm glad they will be arriving in February and we won't have to endure much winter before spring and warmer weather hit...not smack dab in the middle of yuck season!

This morning my energetic 2 1/2 year old just laid on me while watching Curious George. I have to admit I loved it so very much. Sad because he's sick yes....but him resting on me was just wonderful and I thanked God that we had that moment because soon life will drastically change for him. And I am treasuring each little bit with him and soaking it all in.

On a SUPER exciting note.....this just came today!!!

The Ergo Carrier and infant insert! We eventually want to get another one, but this was a MUST for sure!
I've done lots of research on baby carriers and this is the top of the line and the very best for baby's development and for the parent's back and such. PLUS unlike the Moby, which is also great, this one carries up to 45lbs and basically can be a backpack. So no need to buy another carrier once your baby weighs too much for the other one!! YIPPEE!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

32 Weeks

Today we had our 32 week check-up! Things are still looking good, although I have reached the point of being incredibly uncomfortable (and it's no wonder since I'm measuring 39 weeks).

I'm dilated to a 1.5 and 50% effaced, but the boys are still sitting up high. He was pleased with this, and my taking it easy and resting has helped with only a 1/2 centimeter progression in 2 weeks. So yes, I pat myself on the back and I will continue to rest rest rest!

We start going in once a week now with a non-stress test every other week and an ultrasound on the weeks I don't have the test. I think going in once a week is going to help me push through these last few weeks.

We have decided that February 10th is when we plan on bringing these babies into the world! That is 30 days from now, or one month from yesterday! WOW!!
We all three agreed we'd like him to deliver and this is just 4 days shy of 37 weeks which was our goal! Since they are still breech and are running out of room,  it will be a c-section. Unless something crazy happens in the next 2 weeks. YES it can...but we'd be quite surprised!
I think 2-10-11 is a darn cool birth date :)

My blood pressure is great, I haven't gained much weight, no swelling or real contractions either....but they are looking good! Their little heartbeats sound wonderful and I'm dying to meet them. I'd love continued prayer that they will stay in there until the 10th, and that they will be completely healthy and have matured lungs so that we don't have to spend any time in the NICU!

Our bags are packed, everything is ready for them so now we wait.......

Tiny Talk Tuesday

I've been excited to link up with this since I first saw it....and now that Jack is really really talking and saying his own things, it's time to link up!!

* Jack to our kitty Punkin after she batted at him... "You stop that right now Punkin! You stop it! Naughty! You come back here right now!"

* Jack to me after I told him not to touch something...."Oh my gosh, I am soooo sorry!"

* Jack after my phone vibrated from receiving a text message..."Oh! Mommy toots! No...that's not Mommy's toots, that's phone!"

He's so funny! Click on the image to link up yourselves!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Just one bit of miscellany...

The only bit of miscellany I have is this....

Carissa is hosting a giveaway from Lisa Leonard.
I want to win it....but I am letting you know about it so you can try and win it to :)

Click the picture above to get to her site and read about how to WIN!

Here is the link to the Lisa Leonard site....she's got some GREAT stuff!!

Again...good luck and I hope I win ;)


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to my Husband.

You have blessed me more than you will ever know.
I still can't believe God saved you for me.
That He allowed you to rescue me before my heart could be tainted.

You are so patient with me
You make me a better person
A better person in Christ and
A better friend

You've given me my heart's desire....being a Mommy
You're hard work has allowed me to be just where I want to be...
at home.

You're the definition of integrity. You are who you say you are...
all the time.
You do not waiver.

You tell me I'm gorgeous and that
I'm beautiful
You tell me you love me
Every day.

You show me and tell me of your love

You are an incredible Dad
You are a faithful son
You are a loyal friend
You are an incredible husband
You are my very best friend
My soul mate
My lobster....

I love our life together
I love growing along side you in all things

Happy Birthday Love.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Pictures from the week!

Mr. Dimples

Jack and his best friend "Monkey"

Jack testing out the stroller with Kitty and Monkey

This stroller is amazing. It handles like a SINGLE stroller....soooo light and folds up with one hand! BOOYAH! Love my Chicco stroller and car seats!!

Jack testing out the Bumbo...

31 Weeks! The REAL belly people.....

Thursday, January 6, 2011


So I deleted my Facebook. Weird feeling. There have been pros and cons to it. The pros being, I have connected with some people from high school and such and we've formed real life friendships! It's been a great way to get prayer requests out quickly. My whole family was on it so it was another easy way to connect. I got to constantly post pics and brag about my son :)

Cons being, I added way too many people that I know just wanted information about me and my family, and wanted to stay in the loop. We aren't friends in real life and if not for Facebook would never have spoken. It felt like TOO much of my life was out there for people to see. Of course I put out the pics and statuses, but like I said....people on there that I shouldn't have added.

I always felt guilty, like are they gonna message me and ask why I denied them or never responded to their request?! If I for some reason see them at the mall am I gonna get a stink eye?!

Being a pastor's wife, I'm kinda under a microscope a lot of the time and denying church goers....well, I'm just not sure how that would look ya know?! plan is to take a break and then add back my family and close friends. And be honest with others if they ask why I haven't added them. But a break was needed. It sucked my time away and any extra time I have...I'd rather blog :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

It's just a bunch of Miscellany....

It's been awhile since I've done one of these! Link up with Carissa and do your own miscellany!

* Happy New Year!
My sweetie and I went up to Callahan's for two nights. It's a lodge about 45 minutes away, but it's tucked up nice in the mountains and it was COVERED with snow :) This was our first time leaving Jack for 2 nights. I had a hard time that first afternoon/evening...I cried. It's always good for a break and to getaway, but I am NOT a Mom who can just say "see ya!" But it was so good for Trev and I to get away one last time before the twins are born. Having one FULL day from sunrise to sunset of no responsibilities to a little one really did make us feel rested!

View from the front of the lodge

Panorama of the room and my sweets by the fire!

* My previous post showed you some pics of the twins' room. Feeling so good about it! The planner in me wishes the other crib was in there and all put together, but since we don't NEED it right away, it's okay that it's not ready. I just love their room. I cannot believe they will be here next month!

* Sleep. I miss good sleep. Since I've had one baby before I can say this....losing sleep over a newborn is WAY different than losing sleep because of heartburn, restless legs, leg cramping, backache, hips hurting and flipping over throughout the night feeling like a piece of bacon, and the potty breaks every hour. Ugh.

* I've been having fun playing with my new GPS Navigator and Camera :) I'm not a big gadget person, but these things are fun! I'm so glad we got the new camera before the boys arrived!

* I am constantly wondering how much bigger I will it possible for this skin of mine to continue to stretch and will my belly button just split open?

Super Jack!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pictures of the Twin's Room

Other than another crib we're pretty much set! They'll be sleeping together in an Arms Reach Co-Sleeper for the first few months (well, that's the plan!) so we have some time to get that...but yeah, everything else is basically ready!
We're going to hang some cool airplanes from the ceiling and put up some posters and a couple red airplane hooks on the wall and that's it!

One crib all ready to go...and bins filled with burp rags, bibs, socks, shoes and hats! Oh and that cute diaper caddy from my friend Robin at Partialemptynester! :)

My rocking chair, and the re-furbished dresser...I'm LOVING the red lamp with the red airplane on it!

Bedding :) It's sooo soft!

My lil pilots. Some vintage airplane books and 2 pairs of cute airplane Robeeze

Panorama of the room

Swings (in the living room)
This made it feel real...since we don't have 2 cribs yet it didn't look too different...but the swings. Whoa...:)

Things you should know about me if we're going to be BFF's :)

Something fun for a Sunday:

I love love love love love being a stay at home Mom. There is no part of me that misses ANY part of working outside the home. Not at Dutch Bros or as a phlebotomist or as a medical assistant. And there is NO part of me that wishes I had gone to college, thank you very much.

I am a vegetarian. But I do not like mushrooms or eggplant and on my pizza I only want cheese. No peppers or onions or spinach or anything else. Just cheese.

I'm a sports fan. I have my own fantasy football team, I understand the game of football and basketball. I love the NFL (Go Saints!) the NCAA Basketball and Football, the NBA and College Volleyball. I watch it, I enjoy it, I know what I'm talking about...and my husband loves this about me :)

I love bread. Biscuits, French Loaf, Rolls and France would get along just fine.

I love classic movies. Not classic like "80's"...those aren't classic. Classics are movies with Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. Classics are Hitchcock films. So thankful my husband and I are on the same page with this!

                   Don't really care that my house isn't in perfect clean order every day.

I buckle my purse to the cart in certain may guess which ones.

Don't touch my very pregnant belly unless I know you really well and you have asked me first. But just to be sure...don't.

                    The only reality TV I like is on TLC ( I love me some Duggars!!)

Play dough dried on my hand makes my skin crawl. I hate it...I need special gloves or something.

Don't slurp, talk with food in your mouth, smack your mouth while eating or scrape your fork across your plate. I actually just really don't like hearing people eat or watching them eat. Eew.

I'm a disposable diaper using, vaccination getting, sometimes fast-food purchasing, EPIDURAL LOVING, made my own baby food, recycle my cans, cartoon watching, Umpqua milk buying.... Mom.

My husband is my best friend, and we are downright passionate about one another. I make no apologies.

        If you're allergic to cats, take Zyrtec before you come over. And get over the fact that you will leave with cat hair on your shirt :)

                  I have webbed toes on one foot. I'm a hardcore Oregonian.

My husband has the best voice ever. EVER. EVER. I'm not lying. He really does.

My son has the most tender heart. I don't know another 2 year old like him.

I want to go to:
Germany, Poland, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Morocco, France, England and the Holy Land. And many more....

I LOVE learning and studying the history of WWII. I'm constantly looking for new books and when I go to Germany/Austria/Poland I plan on going to many of the camps and doing as much research as I can. There is a train tour you can take  to Auschwitz-Birkenau and other places and I would love to do that.

        My husband and I both have these HUGE popcorn bowls. They are massive. And we make the best popcorn and we each eat our own bowl. Don't get me started on calories or's so good and we don't eat it every day!

I like acting. I was Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice my FRESHMAN year. Played Poo-Bah in my 8th grade play and was The White Witch from Narnia in our church's production of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Along with lots of other little fun parts for church and things.

A downside to being a pastor's wife is people feel like they kind of 'own' you. They say things before they think about them and they expect things from you that just aren't okay. You're on display for all to see, including your children. Constantly praying for patience because this can get really difficult.


I'm really really competitive. betta watch yourself ;) No really...I am.

     I am so darn excited I am having twins. It's a special gift from amazes me that He believes that we can handle! (With HIS help obviously!!)

I stole this idea from.......


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and SSMT!

Happy New Year everyone!

2010 was a year full of blessings for me. There were of course difficult things but those are not the things that come to mind when I think of this last year. I remember trips taken, moments had, surprises and hope. And I cannot wait to see what God brings in 2011!

Something I am doing this year is participating in Beth Moore's SSMT. I am really excited, yet nervous about it. It is definitely a big undertaking, considering I'm going to be giving birth to TWINS next month! But I believe that God will be faithful to help me as I am faithful in committing to it! So here is the link for you to find out more, and join up if you want! Make sure you do it today!

And here is my first verse of the year!

“The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.”

Psalm 28:7 NIV