Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas from Us!

All pictures were taken by Lacie Lauree Photography
Please do not use without permission

Sunday, December 18, 2011

10 Months

The babies turned 10 months on the 10th!


Oh my little bear who had the worst reflux. Puked up everything.
I thought I'd be feeding him bottles and purees until high school.
No longer I tell you!

This kid will only eat table food and usually only 2 bottles a day maximum!
He loves his grilled cheese, his chunks of fruit, green beans, cheerios, eggs etc etc etc. Really anything.
But he's kinda obsessed with the grilled cheese. 
He just shovels it in.

He's still sleeping amazingly, 6-7am wake-up
9am nap until about 10:30
1pm nap until just after 2 and bedtime between 6-7pm!

Loves baths, his brothers, the cat, eating, crawling (yes he is actually crawling now and starting to pull himself up onto things!) and his mama.
Dislikes diaper changes, clothing changes, not being held by his mama, toys being stolen from him, and his brothers leaving him behind.


He still likes to be spoon fed, but is doing awesome with table food. Usually only get 1 bottle in him a day.
Starting to do better with a sippy cup.
Sleeps about the same as his brother, only usually one nap is much shorter than the other one.
He is cruising all over and standing on his own a lot but no steps yet!
He loves his brothers, getting into mischief, chasing people, laughing and snuggling.
Dislikes diaper changes, clothing changes, getting in the car seat, being put down for sleep and the vacuum.

They are so adorable together. They usually follow each other around, not straying too far from one another. The will go wherever Jack goes.
They've started jabbering a lot back and forth and making each other's too cute for words.
They play the "pacifier switch" game. One will take the other's out and put it in his mouth, or just run away with it. And they will do this back and forth for a long time. 
They fight over toys and throw tantrums
They don't like it if you are holding both of them, they want to be the "only one". So hilarious at 10 months.

They are doing fabulous. 
And yes I am pinning away on Pinterest their birthday ideas! I am getting excited!
See, I'm not a real baby person...but I love from this age on!

Saturday, December 17, 2011



If you know me, or have followed this blog for awhile you know we have a healthy obsession of Disneyland.

This trip has been in the works for years. It was actually my parent's 30th Anniversary present, they wanted to take the entire family as their celebration. And also, my Dad retired at the ripe age of 55 the same summer, so this was a HUGE celebration!

So, after years of planning and saving, my Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother-in-Law to be, Hubby, Kids and our close friends Curt and Lynette all went!

We flew a direct flight (2 hours) to LAX at 6:00am in the morning, and the kids did perfect. The babies fell asleep and Jack just sat with "Nama" and looked out the window and snacked.
No crying, no tantrums, nothing. Perfect.

We hopped onto a Super Shuttle which dropped us off at the only hotel located IN the park.
Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and Day Spa

We checked in, left our bags and headed right into the park for our first full day! We were in the park before 11:00am!!

The next 5 days consisted of amazing, beautiful, fun, exhausting excitement.
We went all day long, only going back to the hotel on a few days for a nap. Otherwise, the babies napped in the stroller and Jack did just so great. Most days he got his nap, but two of them we skipped and he was fantastic.

Everyone seriously was so great and amazing, I don't think it could have gone any better.
The fact that we outnumbered the kids 8 adults to 3...was brilliant.

People helped us with them so we could ride together, or took them on rides, or took Jack. It was so wonderful.

Jack was tall enough for almost every ride (something we actually prayed about haha)
He went on Matterhorn, but then never wanted to go in a tunnel ride after that. Oh well, he wasn't forced. But guess what ride he talks about ALL THE TIME now?
Yep...he's so proud of himself.

He was also really really into the maps. By the end of the trip he knew which ride was where and on what park's map.
He also felt the need to tell each character he met, where something was on the map. So we have several pictures of him pointing to things on the map with characters. It's adorable.

"Brer Fox, this is where Monstro the Whale is..."

So darn cute.
We got to stay in the park until 4:00pm on the day we left, headed back to LAX and although we almost didn't make it home that night due to fog, we eventually did (after a very rough takeoff where I was in tears....really really extreme turbulence)
But again, the boys were perfect with all 3 falling asleep.

It was sad to come home, but at the same time exciting because my sister was getting married that next Friday!!

Some of you may be wondering how my Mom did. At the point of our trip she was just over halfway through chemo and had started a new drug. It had really taken it's tole on her.
But she did amazing.
She walked the first half of every day, using the wheelchair for the second half and made sure to take a nap/rest each day.
I've never seen a more incredible person than my Mom.
Never not smiling, pure joy.
She was just incredible. 

Enjoy some of  the pictures from our trip.
And if you have any questions about traveling with kiddos, or Disneyland in general. Ask away....we probably can help ya out :)
Main Street Porch
Jack and I on the teacups....sacrifice of love for me

This was the best we could get...they are in constant motion!!

Pooh and Jack

Jack's first ride
Hotel Lobby (part of it)
Babies and Mickey!

So excited

Jack and his heroes

Very lucky to see Pinocchio!

How cute is this?!?

Jack and Mickey

We cannot wait to go back!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Per my Aunt's request.....Fill in the Blank Friday! 

1.   My most favorite "little thing" is   baby giggles.

2.   I give anything to   fly back to Disneyland right now .

3.  I can't believe   the babies will be ONE in 2 months....  .

4. The one thing I'd like to achieve today is  my run.

5.  The last thing I want to do today is   hmm....I got nothin. 

6.  If I were writing my own blank today, it would say: Who would you meet for coffee today if you could go with anyone?

7.  My favorite candle scent is ....home something from Gold Canyon. YUM.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Where I'm From

I am from the wet green city, from libraries and board games, diaries and crazy socks.
From Barbie's and bike rides.
I am from the 70's carpet and steep driveway, red roses and running through sprinklers.
I am from Sunday potlucks and loud laughs.  
From Holtz's and Suttons and Clingmans. From Beulah and Gertrude.
I am from worry and stubbornness.

I am from fierce love.
From reading books and weekend visits to Grandparent's.
I am from sanctification, from bended knees and complete surrender.
I'm from Oregon and Revolutionary Heroes, and the first Doctor in Colorado. 
 From canned green beans and fresh pressed cider. From famous cookies and hot rolls on Thanksgiving.
From the Air Force guy who fell in love with his best friend's sister, the German's and their Babka and dimples.
I am from high school journals with tattered photos, year books and keepsake boxes holding in them moments, tears, laughs and love.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The truth is....

The truth is, as amazing as my life is,
and it really is amazing....

there are days where it's takes and takes and does not leave much of me left.

This past week was one of those weeks.

I feel like Jack is growing and changing so fast, and doing so much and I am trying so hard to figure him out and to learn what makes him tick, what works best for him discipline wise, what he needs most from me.
And I have really been struggling with the fact that I don't have time to just study him, like I used to.
It was him and I, every waking moment and now most of my moments are taken up with his baby brothers.
It's not their fault, they are babies, and there are two of them.
It just really doesn't leave me much time with just Jack.

He's been 3.
He's been pushing, and testing and trying to figure out boundaries, and see where we draw the line.
And I feel like I just don't have the time to devote to him like I used to, like I want to.
I feel like some days he's in timeout or I'm struggling to not raise my voice the whole day.

At the end of the day I look back and think
"Did I do it right?"
"Did I get through to him?"
Not every approach works with every kid, and I am trying to find out what works with Jack.

As a Christian, knowing that what's going on in his heart is much more important than what we see on the outside.
The responsibility to raise children in the Lord is huge, and it weighs heavy on my heart.

Side note:
I was looking for some good books that I could read through that were helpful tools in the area of raising kids in the Lord, and just some snippets for resources.
I had heard about a book (I have no clue from who) and the name sounded really familiar, and the title sounded great.
I have to tell you, I was appalled. I wish I could get my money back.
So, even in the "Christian child raising book section" there are really really awful books.
I'm not going to say which one it is...just in case ;)
But, then I found a really awesome one, so that made me happy

Anyways, I saw this quote on Pinterest and it sums it right up.

That being said, I'm gonna be taking a blogging break until after our vacation
so it'll be another 3-4 weeks before you hear from me again.
Just need to re-focus
Thanks for reading, and don't go anywhere.....I will be back.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   My favorite new blog of the moment is   A Holy Experience...Ann Voskamp's blog     .

2.   Something I am thankful for is   my husband's job. Full time ministry is not for the faint of heart, but you won't find a more supportive or encouraging group of people      .

3.  Something that made me laugh this week was   holding all 3 of my children while the whined and cried. Yes, I was laughing because otherwise I would have cried    .

4. An item that is currently on my wish list is     this baby I showed you a few days back  .

5.  I am excited about   going to Disneyland in 18 days!!!!! 

6.  If I were a color I would be    blue, mostly because that's what I am in the "color personality test". Emotionally driven, loyal, sensitive blah blah

7.  My favorite way to spend a chilly fall day is by   bundling up, taking a walk in the crunchy leaves with my boys sippin on something hot  .

Link up with Lauren for your own FITBF and have a great day!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh me oh my, 9 months have flown by!!

There was I time when I thought the days would drag on forever, and here I am writing their
"9 month post"

It's incredible and amazing.
Let's hop to it!


Mr. Bear
Not feeling the camera :)

This kid wakes up happy 100% of the time. Always a smile to greet you.
He has two adorable teeth on the bottom and is finally starting to try and move!!
He will pull himself, ever so slowly, along the floor like an army guy in the trenches.
He doesn't go far because he gets so dang frustrated, but he is trying.
He will get up on his knees and rock a bit, but his arms aren't super strong yet so it's mostly his bottom half.
He doesn't like feeling left out, seeing Jack and Christian roaming all around the house and gets sad, but I think before too long he will be joining them.
He's so funny, he still topples over sometimes when sitting so we have to make sure there are no dangerous things around to bonk his head on haha.

He will eat puffs and cheerios, but because of his reflux issues, he still likes things quite blended up.
Jack was the same way and I thought I'd forever be blending his food...and we just kept at it and by 12 months he was on full finger table food! So we will keep trying :)

He loves to spit, do raspberries, clap his hands, watch Jack, eat, sleep and he is without a doubt, a mama's boy.
He is happiest in my arms and if I'm in the room and not with him, he let's me know he is not pleased.
His eyes are staying super blue, and his hair is sooo blonde.
He used to look a lot like Jack's baby pictures.
But he doesn't anymore.
We aren't quite sure who he looks like, but he's the cutest.
He's in 6-9 month clothes and we need to go buy some 12 month footie pj's!!

Camden Stats:
Weight: 16lbs 13.4oz!
He went from the 5% to almost the 10% in 3 months.
So funny, because he feels so huge to us, especially compared to Christian, and yet...he's still small compared to the "average".
I look at him and remember him as this 4lb 14oz little man and am so happy to see his rolls :)

Height: 27.8 inches!!!
He went from the 5% to the 25% in 3 months! She actually had them remeasure to make sure because it was such a huge jump!


Mr. String Bean Long and Lean

This kid goes all day long. He wakes up screaming and ready to hit the floor running!
He doesn't stop moving.
He has no fear and he is persistent.
He's cruising along furniture, digging into everything he can find and if he sees you are coming to get him, he crawls faster away from you.
He and Jack totally play together.
In fact, you can often hear Jack calling for him

"Christian, I'm over here. Come over here and see me!"
"I'm having a party Christian!"

Jack loves to make him laugh and they totally play on the ground in "semi-wrestle" mode (parent supervised of course) and tickle and squirm and are just silly.
Makes this mama happy.

He likes to hold his own bottle and he still loves solids best.
He's doing finger foods, and does really well with chunks of bananas, peas etc.
He'll be easy to transition.
Trying to give them sippy cups at meal times, but they just want to chew on them :)

He is STILL in 3-6 month clothes....and fits perfectly in Carter's 6 months for shirts. But he's the pants are short! What a conundrum haha!

He eats just as much as Camden, if not more and he is doing so well in all other aspects of development that his skinny self is not a concern.
Plus, I looked in my baby book and I weighed the exact same at his age :)

Christian Stats:

Weight: 14lbs 12oz
He is still not on the growth chart, but each month he is closer and closer!

Height: 27 1/4 inches!!!
He went from the 5th% to a little below the 25%! Long and lean :)
And she noted he has long feet!

Our days go like this:

6:00-7:00am Wake Up
6:30ish Bottle (6oz)
Play Time
8:00 Oatmeal with 3oz mixed in
Get Dressed
9:00 Nap
Christian will sleep anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half
Camden will sleep at least an hour, and sometimes I wake him at 10:45 to go get Jack on school days
Play/Diaper Change/Get Jack
11:00-11:30 Bottle (4-6oz)
12:30- Lunch (either fruit or veggie and protein)
1:00 Nap time for ALL boys!!!
Again, they will sleep about the same
Play time/run errands/playdates
3:30-4:30 Bottle (5-6oz)
5:15 Dinner or Bath depending on if it's bath night
5:30 PJ's
6:00 Bedtime

The boys made the early bedtime and I'm working on getting them closer to 7:00pm little by little so we can start going to Saturday night church again :)

SO.....that's the scoop!
We have family pictures on Friday and we are just 19 days away from our dream trip to Disneyland!

These are exciting and amazing times in our family and we feel so very blessed!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hello Monday

Can you tell who was in a good mood and who was not?

They are wearing Jack's shirts!!! Some of my's crazy.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hello Sunday, really really early

Time change.
Before kids, it was great.
But after kids....not so great.
They don't care you set the clocks back...they do what they do.
So, we've been up for awhile :)

I made myself useful and made some Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Coffee
(we don't have a Trader Joe's YET...we got this on our last little trip and now it's all gone sniff sniff)
some Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread......we may or may not be obsessed with Pumpkin flavored things.

And cake pops.

Random, maybe. But they were easy and yummy. Although I didn't have lollipop sticks, so they aren't really a pop. More like a cake ball.

It's been raining here, very refreshing but I'm hoping by the time Friday rolls around, for pictures, it's nice and clear.

I am still, still wiping yucky noses. The boys have their <gasp> 9 month appointment on Wednesday, so we'll see.

I have found some new blogs this morning, some of which are yours and I haven't seen before!!
I'm excited to start following!
Make sure you let me know if you follow me and I don't follow you!

Check out these blogs:

Jen has micro-preemie twins who are an incredible testimony to God's grace and faithfulness.....

She is fabulous....and has adorable boy/girl twins

Claire has become one of my most favorite bloggers, as well as people. She is a young mama of 2, soon to be 3 little ones!
One post is cute and quirky, the next is challenging and makes you think!

Sorry for the lack of pictures....after borrowing and using my friend's DSLR Camera, I find myself hardly taking any with our point and shoot. Trev was right....I got a taste of the glory and now I can't go back. Will try to snap some this week.
I'm reminded again today, how precious life is. How important it is to spend time with those you love and that really, nothing else matters.
Make sacrifices
Make choices
Be joyful

We have a choice. And I know what I choose.
Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November November

Tis my favorite month of the year!
And this year is more special than most!

Why may you ask?

Wait, before that....Halloween cuteness:

Captain America and my lil Firefighter
Christian, Camden

Okay, back to why this month is so awesome.
It started yesterday with Jack's first field trip and to the Pumpkin Patch no less!
Thanks to my parents for watching the little men, Trev and I both got to go.

It was so dang cold, Jack was in tears by the end of it...his hands were like ice.
And the farmer's were great and you can tell they get a ton of school field trips out there.
But these kids are 3 years have to move quick, keep it interesting and don't talk about the Civil War for 3 minutes or stop the totally cool hayride, to get off and show how an old washing machine works which takes approx 2.5 minutes and you've already lost their attention span.

Just fyi

But...I did snag some cute pics

First bus ride.
Totally not impressed with me snapping pictures already.....
Corn maze

Hayride. Cold....antsy to get moving.

He first found a small (very small) green smushy pumpkin....I made him put that back
Trying to get a "class picture" yeah...that was funny.

Then, Tuesday night,  my soon (soon as in 37 days away) to be brother-in-law's Birthday!
And my sister did a "Milk and Cookies" theme, it was so fun.

This weekend have our Annual Church Christmas Bazaar

Its one of the top bazaar's in the valley, it's amazing!
Usually my Mom and her best friend run the bake sale and I work with them.
But with my Mom's health this year, they stepped back from that and are just manning their booth of knitted goods as vendors, so I will help with that!

Then we are having family pictures with the lovely Lacie at

 (newly changed name) Lacie Lauree Photography 

and I am so excited, I cannot stand it. The babies are at a great age for this and I've been scouring Pinterest for fun ideas.

My Birthday is the 17th, and I will be....

I love Birthdays. We celebrate them by the week month here.

Next comes Jack's Thanksgiving program at school :) Too much cuteness.

And then it's Thanksgiving, and my sister and I are undertaking the task this year for the first time and we are so excited!!
I've been collecting recipes and tutorials and I am ready!
Then shopping, can't forget shopping...even if we don't buy a thing we still go out.
And then....we pack and leave for

It's only been in the works for like 3 years.
So so so so so so so excited.

And there is the leaves turning, the pumpkin spice lattes, the pumpkin bread and apple cider
The crisp mornings, the gorgeous sunsets, sweaters and scarves and hats and boots oh my

It is my favorite month ever.
Except for the sickness. We are still wiping snot around here......

Happy November!!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blog Love

I don't have a huge blogroll, I just don't have to time to pour over dozens and dozens of blogs. I could, but I probably wouldn't remember who's was who's and comment and all that. But I really do love reading them, they come in all shapes and sizes. Meeting different needs and interests and it's just fascinating.

I wanted to highlight a couple blogs for ya and have you check them out (when you have time!)

This girl is blogging from Haiti. She's there teaching missionary kids and serving along side them. Her posts are beautiful and leave you wanting for more.

This Mama of 6 is like the homeschooling guru if I ever saw one. She's honest, and inspiring. And she documents herself getting into shape, she's amazing!

This Mama writes beautifully, has awesome pictures and shares a lot about her youngest son and his struggle with Celiac disease. You will always be encouraged and challenged after you read her stuff. Her daughter also has a great blog, and does blog design as well!

She is a worship pastor's wife (yay!) has two adorable children and is so honest, and real and seriously...I love every one of her posts!!

This blog is a newer one for me, she has an incredible story that inspired an incredible ministry....go check it out!

There are dozens more I love, go click on the tab "Blogs I Follow" to see  few more!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trunk or Treat

I love Trunk or Treat
Church parking lot lined with cars, trunks open decorated in everything you could ever imagine.
Live music with the youth band
Free food
Free candy
Open to the whole community

My favorite trunks this year were:

A "barnyard" trunk...hay bales, a huge wooden barn with animals and the dad was dressed like a cowboy and the Mom had an awesome square-dancing dress on. It was awesome!

A few Star Wars trunks, one with "shoot the Sith Lord" haha

Oregon Ducks trunks, one had a mini pool with ducks in it and you got to pick one, and depending on the mark on the bottom you could get more than one piece of candy!

A trunk with adorable little old ladies at it, with their red hats and purple shirts passing out gobs of candy.

And on and on and on.

Here are a few pictures of my kiddos and friends!
Despite all having yucky colds, they did well. They just don't look too thrilled :)

Christian, Camden and Jack :)

My friend has fraternal twin girls 12 days younger than the cute are they!?!?

What 3 year old boy doesn't love a jumphouse?!

And Christian is dog tired. Hehehe

Thursday, October 27, 2011


It's that time of year when the changing of the season is quite drastic.
Some seasons come and go quickly, before you even realize it.

Autumn is slow here.
 First you see a few leaves changing on the tops of trees...
The next week the entire tree has turned color. From a rich Oregon green to a deep red, burnt orange, Peeps yellow.

And they fall, crunch beneath your feet.

Trees are bare. Cold. Seemingly lifeless.

The amazing thing is, we all know that in a few short months these same trees will perk up with little buds of greens and pinks and yellows and new life will branch out, once again staking it's claim until the next Autumn rolls around...

I see changes in more than just the trees these days.

I see changes in my Jack. He is learning so much at school, and at home. The words he says, the things that run through his little brain. They all show me he is growing, changing. I can't hold him tight enough. Pray for him hard enough.

The babies. Every day there are doing something new. Every day their baby like features and mannerisms change and I'm grasping on to these moments because they are fleeting fast....

Come May I will have been married to the love of my life for 9 years. Our marriage is changing. It's deeper, it's fuller, it''s hard to explain.

It's what my Mom said would happen.
It just gets better every day. I love him more every day.

This "season" of our life has been the most difficult of my life.

Starting really, back with the miscarriage. That moment was a marker in the ground.
The difficult first weeks and months really.

His Mom's fall and subsequent health issues.
It's been rough.

But when I take note of these things which we have walked through and continue to walk through there is something quite obvious to me.
My outlook. My heart. My focus.

It's on Him.
I have peace.
I have this joy that is unexplainable.

In reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, I see things differently.
It's challenged my core, to the deepest.

What He did on the cross was enough.
I don't deserve anything else.
That should be enough for me.

This shift in thinking, it pokes and prods and digs deep. It's cleanses.
It removes the dead, scrapes it away and in life emerges.
New focus, new's been drastic in my heart. It brings me to my knees.

I'm forever learning. Forever growing, forever changing...just like the constant changing of season.

This next part is hard for me. But I really want to be open and vulnerable. I've had so many e-mails thanking me for being so, so I want to continue.
Maybe you need to read it too.

There is something I have held on to. I have not been ready to change. I have not been ready to let go. And it's going to eat me alive if I don't deal with it.

I have to forgive.

I am one who loves justice. I want to see justice. I want people to know how bad they've hurt. Their actions and choices, how they have affected so many.
Caused so much pain.
I want to know that they know that.
 That's not my place. I know.

Honestly, it is so hard for me. Letting go when I feel so wronged and hurt over and over after countless attempts on my part to show grace and compassion and go out of my way to love. Was I loving for real? What were my motives? Because I had to show love?

 I was told to show love? yes.
If I strip it all away. yes.

Steps. I'm taking them. I want to learn how to forgive so that I can live fully. Nothing hiding in the corner. And I want to do it right, do it real. For good. I am ready for the next season, I am ready to move past this one.

To shake off the dead and see what springs forth.