Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Random Wednesday

There are things I usually are picky about, but when I'm pregnant...and THIS pregnant, I could really care less.

Like I sorta double park right now. If I don't, and some really smart person parks to close to my car, I literally can NOT get Jack in the car and buckle him in. Luckily those times have happened when my husband was with me, but I double park now.

Usually at Christmas time my husband and I do this thing where we park in the FIRST spot we see, even if it is 15 miles from the entrance. Leaving the closer spots for someone else...but this year, I drive around for awhile until I find something closer.

I ALWAYS put my cart back in the correct spot. I unload my groceries, and keep Jack buckled in. Then, we take the cart back and walk back together. But this year, if I was not able to get a spot near a cart corral...I leave it. I know, it's so bad...but I'm okay with it right now.

I made some Gooey Butter Cake Cookies yesterday and we're in the process of making some Peppermint Pinwheels right now! Both are Paula Deen recipes....have you noticed I'm kinda in love with her stuff!!?
And those chocolate dipped pretzels were amazing...and they are now gone. So, I will make more of those tonight. They are SO easy!!

My little bit of shopping is done and the wrapping is done ( anyone else hate that part?!) And we might go look at lights again Christmas approaches I find myself already sad at the thought of it being done. Not for me, but for Jack. He loves the lights, the snowmen, the Christmas tree's etc. He's just a little too young to understand that you just pack it all up and wait another year! :)

Any of you baking any yummies this week? Fellow blogger Glowin Girl made some AMAZING things...her pictures make me drool. Head over there for some yummy recipes and PICTURES!!


  1. lol, I think you are definitely worthy of double are carrying double right? Hope you had a great christmas!