Thursday, December 16, 2010

28 Weeks!

I cannot believe I am 28 weeks already....actually 28 weeks 3 days :) We had our check-up today and the ultrasound to check their growth.

Here's a little rundown!

* Both boys are breech with their little feet down low. Their heads are basically right up against one another at the top of my belly :) There is still time for them to flip around and that's what they are praying for. But I am preparing myself mentally for a C-Section.

* I am measuring at 36 weeks :) This is how big I was when I had Jack. That is just CRAZY to me!! But totally normal for twins.

* Mr. Camden is weighing in at 2lbs 7oz and Mr. Christian is weighing in at 2lbs 9oz!!!! They are measuring almost the same which is so great and only a few ounces behind a singleton baby! Our Doctor was very happy with this!

*Fluid levels are great

* They have long fingers like their Mama. :) And long feet too!

* I have only gained 14lbs. But their weight is great, so no worry there!

* Just a 'finger-tip' of dialation, but nothing to be concerned about. He is so happy with how I've progressed, or better yet, NOT progressed! In fact, because they are feet down, it decreases the chance of pre-term labor since there is no real pressure down there, just little feetsies and membrane! So, in that sense, it's good!

* We'll go back in 2 weeks for another routine check-up at 30 weeks and then our next u/s will be at 34 weeks!
We're continuing to pray for:

*Growth. For them to be on track and to be about the same in weight.
*For them to flip around so a C-Section is not necessary
*For them to go to the full 37 weeks
*NO NICU time (getting to 37 weeks would be HUGE in this!)

So, our little guys are totally camera shy. We were hoping for some good shots, since the 20 weeks u/s didn't really give us any. Sigh...not to be. Here's what we got....we'll have to wait until they are here to snap away :) I tried to label them to make it easier to make out...I can see them clearly, but you might be wondering what the heck you are looking at :)

Christian. Hand is up by his face, eyes closed. You can see part of his nose and lips.
Profile of Christian. Lying on his back, nose up :)

And...Camden's foot :) I flipped it so it's easier to see.


  1. Glad everyone is doing well. Prayers for y'all's continued health. Merry Christmas from Cheryl and me. wb

  2. Yay for healthy twin boys, healthy Momma, and healthy pregnancy altogether! I cant wait to meet them!

  3. Great news! Love the picture! Hope everything stays right on track.

  4. You look amazing! I am so glad that they are growing at the right rate. It is good, too, that you are preparing for a c-section, and that you have time to do so. I'll keep some acrobatics in my prayers :)