Friday, November 12, 2010

Week 23 Appointment

23 Weeks. Wow. Here is an update of where I'm at and what my Doctor had to say this visit :)

* Heard both of the boys heartbeats. It is always so reassuring and special...every single time!!

* I finally gained weight! Only took my 23 1/2 weeks :)

* I am measuring at 31 weeks. Holy Cow. This is 100% normal. I made him repeat that to me several times!! "You have two babies in your uterus, yes...this is normal!"
     * No wonder my back is already killing me and I feel like a whale :)

* I have returned to the "higher risk" category. Basically at 23 weeks I begin to be at risk for pre-term labor. It's just a fact with twin pregnancies. So we talked about what that looked like, and what to do.

* I haven't dilated at all and the babies aren't low. Praise the Lord!

* I will have my next appointment in 3 weeks along with my glucose screening. And then an U/S 2 weeks after that! :)

* Everything looks and feels great! Besides the back pain, heartburn, and all around tiredness I feel really really good!

Just continuing to pray that I stay healthy, and the boys stay healthy and stay in there for 14 more weeks! Whew! :)

I think that covers it. Here's the latest belly shot. I will post from several weeks ago and one from Sunday night. HELLO BIG BELLY! :)

and 5 weeks later...............

23 weeks

Oh boy! Or should I say Oh BOYS!! :)


  1. Krystle-I am so excited to watch your progress as the boys grow. I can't wait to meet them. By the way, I think you look fabulous. I'm not just saying that because we're friends. It's true. :)

  2. Hey, there! Just catching up on your whole!!! You take care of yourself and those precious boys, now, you hear? Just saying what I know a younger sister would say if she could...praying, praying, praying over her right now! As hard as it is for you, you stay home and rest, ok!? Oh...and I love, absolutely LOVE your encouraging post from nailed it, girl (and that's coming from an "old mom", lol)! Keep us updated on yourself and your sister...hugs!!

  3. Oh I love it! I love the belly and I love that you are already 23 weeks! wow! Also, will they let you got past 37 weeks? Or is your doc assuming you won't since you didn't make it that far with Jack? When I worked at old navy my boss was having her second set of twins and she made it to 41 weeks BOTH times. can you imagine that? She would have measured like...what, 48 weeks?!?!