Update on my sister....

UPDATE: as 8:30pm 11/11/10

ICU Dr believes this IS meningitis, but it did not show up in the early spinal tap.
He also believes her BP issues are caused by the medications so they will adjust them
He thinks she is in the thick of it now, and about another week in the hospital.

We are all encouraged. Thank you

UPDATE as of 7:45pm 11/11/10
Breanna has been moved to ICU. They are concerned whatever virus she has, has moved to her heart. Her respirations are low as well as her BP. Pain has not gotten any better. She had an MRA, another MRI and one other scan. She will also have an EKG and an ECHO.
The good thing is, the ICU will be much more attentive and aware of her.

My parents are really really struggling. Please Please Please pray. We know He can heal her, we've seen it before. Thank you.

The last day or so has been a roller coaster of emotions and information.

It's meningitis
No it's not
It's Mono

Yes, it's mono...but is it also something else?

So, she continues to lie in the hospital, in a significant amount of pain, even with 5 different pain killers in her system, while they run a gamut of tests on her.
Possibly more imaging, several vials of blood, consults with Endocrinologists and Orthopedic Surgeons.

Mono very rarely presents itself this way, looking so much like meningitis. But it isn't unheard of. Her doctor doesn't want to miss something, and although mono could be all this is, isn't willing to risk it. We so appreciate that and her thoroughness. But the waiting game is tough stuff.

Unfortunately the nurses haven't done a great job of keeping up on her medication schedule, specifically the night nurses. My parents are basically not sleeping so that they make sure she doesn't have a huge lapse in the pain meds, which is just uncalled for.

My sister continues to be gracious and polite every time they enter and leave the room, no matter the pain she is in.

Because meningitis has been ruled out, there are no masks required, which is a nice thing for my family staying there. Because we still aren't sure what the heck is going on, I am not allowed to see her. It is really really difficult.

Today, I stood outside her door and was able to chat with her, albeit she was very lucid :) But it did my heart good just to hear her voice and see her profile. We had an OB appointment today (another post on that) and she wanted to know how her nephew's were :)

Last night I dealt with a significant amount of worry, anxiety and stress. My worry about her, turned into worry about my babies and before I knew it I could feel in my body that this was having an affect on me. So, several 'please pray for me' texts were sent out, I popped some Tylenol and drank a bunch of water.
Prayer works. It's powerful and I believe my sister is going to be okay.

But that doesn't make this any easier when you see no real answers or progress. This is day 6 since her symptoms started and day 3 in the hospital. My parents are exhausted and weary.

Keep your prayers coming. They work. He is working, I know it. Thank you for your comments and emails. I pass it all along to my family.


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