Monday, November 15, 2010

Time Out Squirrel

Jack was bringing books and puzzles to Daddy and they were playing on the ground. Jack disappeared to the front room where all the toys were.

Then Trevor hears, "Squirrel! Hi squirrel."

(Jack has a squirrel stuffed animal. He didn't care so much for it before, but there was a Curious George episode last week with a squirrel...and now he loves it)

Jack continues:
"Cone....pine cone" (The squirrel is holding an acorn)

"Time out squirrel!!!! Time Out!!!"

Trevor watches as Jack walks over and sits the squirrel down in Jack's time-out spot. He backs up a few steps and then stands....staring at the squirrel. For a whole minute. Never once takes his eyes of the squirrel.

After a minute passes, Jack proceeds...

"blah blah...yadda yadda" Some gibberish in a very firm voice. And then.......

"All done time out, all done time out squirrel."

Hugs the squirrel and gets back to playing.

Hilarious. I loved it. And no, I don't stare at him while he's in time-out...but apparently the squirrel needed extra supervision. And I'd really love to know what the squirrel did to deserve his time-out.

*Not the actual naughty squirrel*


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