Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Okay, so I know all of my "non-Southern Oregon" readers are going to think this is crazy....calling this


but we don't get a lot of snow on the valley floor here!!! We can get cold, you know, like 20"s and 30's....sometimes into the teens in the night, but rarely do we get snow. In the mountains around us, yes...but not on the valley floor. Some winters we don't get any, sometimes it's once or twice. Usually in January or February.
But it's still November and we got our first snow! So, needless to say, we were pretty excited! And Jack hasn't ever played in snow before, so we suited him up and headed outside! So....don't laugh at our tiny bit of snow. It was a happy morning!

*Oh, and what is even more exciting is I bought his snow stuff at a second hand store about 2 months ago, knowing if I waited I'd be out of luck. It was all in brand new condition (because how much wear and tear can a size 2T put snow clothes through in Southern Oregon) and I paid $30 for the bibs, coat, hat, snow boots and gloves!!!*

Out our front door

He's pretty excited.

It was pretty dry, but we managed a couple snowballs

We came inside for hot cocoa :)

Oh, and here I am....25 weeks. Wow.


  1. Mmmm looks like fun!! Jack looks great in the snow!! Can't wait until I'm off bedrest and I can play with my girl in the snow!!! I love the fact that you got his snowsuit for such a bargain! Way to go!!!

  2. Love you guys! You got more snow than we did. we went outside and played in the snow coming down. ha!