Monday, November 1, 2010

Miscellany Monday

1) Trunk or Treat was fabulous! Despite there being a misprint on all the fliers saying we started an hour earlier than we actually were going to, and the rain earlier in the went great! Jack absolutely loved handing out candy to all the kids and he was enamoured by the costumes. And he kept his Scooby-Doo hat on which was a miracle in itself!

2) Halloween day included football and friends and yummy food. Hot apple cider and yummy zucchini bread along with my Saints winning, made for a great evening! Jack loved answering the door for the very few trick-or-treaters we had. I think on our street we were the only house with a light on, so not too many kids stopped by.

3) Did I mention my Saints won?

4) 22 Weeks today! Holy cow! I really can't believe it, and my shower is just over a month away! Bedding is in the mail and we'll pick out room paint in the next few weeks!

5) Trying to potty-train Jack again...we're doing no pants in the house and a potty in the front room. I'm sorry, but who said no diapers is easier?! This is a TON of work...for ME not Jack. My highest hopes include him being potty trained by the time the twins get here...but I'm just not sure.

6) It's my BIRTHDAY MONTH! :) 16 more days....our family celebrates the whole month yes we do! November is awesome. Church holiday bazaar (this weekend) my birthday, Thanksgiving, crazy shopping day, and FALL :) :)

7) I have lost my brain. It's gone. The other morning I was wondering why my house smelled like food, and I hadn't made anything yet. Then I remembered I had put dinner in the crock-pot :)

Velma and Freddie! Who knew?! :)

Velma and the cutest Scooby Doo ever!

Scooby Doo digging in for some candy! :)
                                         Have a great Monday and great WEEK for that matter!

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  1. Too fun, too fun!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the mystery van!!! Fantastic idea, love the whole group!
    Well, it's November, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
    Crack me up that you smelled food and had forgotten the crockpot, too funny!
    And oh my, having arrivals an hour early to the trunk or treat? Crazy, crazy...I'm sure it turned out just wonderfully, anyway!
    What a wonderful weekend, no pants and all (teehee...I'm all over that one, I kept a potty in just about every room during that time!!!

  2. Love it!! LOL.

    I'm following from MM!

    Kristin :)
    Keenly Kristin

  3. Cant believe you are 22 weeks! Only 2 weeks until your viability day!!!

    I looove that Christmas Bazaar at first naz! When is going to be this year? We missed it one year and were SOOO sad! Whenever that sign goes up I always know the Christmas season has begun! :)