Monday, October 18, 2010

Tomorrow is the day!

So, tomorrow is the big day. To me, the biggest day until you meet your baby (or babies) face to face! The ultrasound where they look to see what gender those lil ones are! Now, I know some people don't like to find out. But I am very impatient, I'm a planner and I like to have everything in place. Plus, it's a surprise either way....either at 20 weeks or when you give birth. So, why not be prepared! :)

But the ultrasound isn't only about what the babies are, it's to see if they are healthy. And THAT is what I'm anxious about. I have no reason to think they wouldn't be, and I know God has his hand on them (they are totally kicking me as I type this!) But, this is my worrier side. My anxious personality that I am STILL trying to give over to the Lord! Every second of every moment a thought pops into my head that isn't from the Lord, I give it to Him. I ask for peace at every second of every day. And I'm thankful for His faithfulness!!

I've been asked a lot in the last few days what I think they are or what I want them to be. I honestly can see myself with any of the 3 combinations! I woke up this morning with a picture of myself sitting in my rocking chair, rocking two precious boys. And I can so see that! I can see myself with 2 girls and I can see myself with one of each! And I think I've covered all the combinations, so I'm pretty darn sure I'm going to be happy no matter what! :)

We are going to be telling our family that live here, in person and then sending texts to the rest of our family and close friends. Then I will be posting the news on my blog tomorrow night!

I so appreciate all of your sweet comments and your prayers, I covet them! We covet them!!


  1. I'm as excited for you as I was for my sister and sister-in-law finding out what they're having. Good luck!

  2. I was just the midst of this awesome and amazing DOUBLE portion of a blessing, God is also working on his Girl (that would be you.) On your heart. On strengthening your faith and trust in Him. And isn't it just like our God to work so powerfully in the good times as well as the tough times? I think he's looking down on you these days and just loving you to pieces. Because you're embracing all that He has for you. And he's nuts about you. Because you're his Girl. And that's how He is. I guess that's just about all I have to say about that. Except for I'm kind of nuts about you too.