Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things you don't say.....

I'm having twins. Yes, I have a toddler and I'm having twins. Yes, I have thought every thought under the sun...
* I won't get much sleep
* I will have my hands full
* Life will be crazy
* Wow...can I do this?!
* Etc. Etc. Etc.................................................................

So, when I tell you I'm having twins and you say any of the following things. You are not being helpful. You are not being encouraging. You are just annoying me. Do you think I haven't thought that before? Do you think it hasn't crossed my mind? Do you not have anything better to say?

"Twins?! Oh my gosh, what are you going to do?!"

"Wow...twins! Man, you think your life is busy now!"

"You're going to have YOUR hands full!!"

"Twins, and a toddler? Wow...you're gonna need help!"

YES. My hands will be full. They are full anyways, kids keep your hands full. It doesn't matter how many you have. My life is busy. LIFE in general is busy....but MY busy will be spend snuggling, reading, loving, crafting, playing with my kids. What kind of busy is YOUR life?
What am I going to do? The same thing I do now...pray that God gives us what we need to be the best  parents we can be and raise our kids with His help. Yes, I will need help. Good thing I'm married and have both sets of in-laws in town, one of which lives a mere 1 minute away AND we have lots of extended family, our friends who love us and want to be a part of helping!

These babies are an amazing blessing. We are SOOOO thrilled and I can't believe God chose me, chose us to have them. I know there will be hard days, there are hard days with any kids and even if you don't have kids. Sleep will be at a minimum....but those days don't last.

Thankfully this isn't the majority of the response people give. Mostly it's been:
"What an amazing blessing!" "I am so happy for you!" "God has doubly blessed your life" "You are going to do great!" Thankfully this is what I (we) hear most!!! These other comments mostly come from random people, "acquaintances" people who for some reason feel they have a right to speak their mind.

I just felt like venting. For some reason when you're pregnant people feel like they can say whatever they want...like it's a free pass. When in reality, you should just not say anything :)

Anyone else here have an experience like this? Or has someone said something during your pregnancy that your jaw just dropped open? Please tell me I'm not the only one! :)


  1. The Bible teaches that children are a blessing, and happy is the person whose quiver is full of arrows (that is, whose family is full of children). God's blessings to you, and many prayers for good health.

  2. Congratulations on receiving a double blessing from the Lord. The fact that people say discouraging things is proof that some people are quick to point out the bad in every situation. Sure, you may not get much sleep, but you will get twice as many baby kisses. Sure, you'll be busier but God never gives us more than we can handle.

    Good luck to you and your growing family!

  3. First - please let me come to your house and help hold your beautiful babies after you have them!

    Second- Life will be amazing with twins, EVEN if you have 3 boys under 3. ( ;

    Third- people say the dumbest things when you are pregnant. My personal favorite was always "be prepared to not get any sleep!" Seriously? My sleep was just fine the first year - thank you very much, rude strangers! Oh, another favorite pregnant comment when I said I wanted 4 kids. "Just wait, after this one, you'll change your mind and never want anymore!"

  4. I love what you said, Krystle, about the KIND of busy your life will be. I've had a lot of similar reactions with having my kids 19 months apart... people all telling me that my life is going to be crazy, that I'll be SO busy, etc. But tears came to my eyes when you talked about the beautiful type of busy we'll be! Thanks for the encouragement this morning... and guess what?! We're both gonna do GREAT! And we'll be all the happier and the more blessed for it ;)

  5. Oh, this mama is so proud of her little girl!! OK, I know that my little girl is 26, and the mother of 3 - but ALWAYS my little girl! We tend to forget that which surprises us has been part of His plan from the beginning of time!