We're home! I have several posts planned, but the first one will just be random and fun! I was tagged earlier this week by Claire at Fast Forward Girl. This is my first time getting tagged and I think it will be fun! I get to answer 7 questions that Claire asked me, and then it's my turn to tag 7 other bloggers and ask 7 NEW questions :)

1. What is the one thing you can always do that "brings you back"....? (i.e. when you're really stressed or upset, what one thing helps you re-focus and find your feet again?)
Some cuddle time with my hubby. Sitting down together and just visiting, snuggling and taking deep breath!

2. Who is someone you know personally who has qualities you want to emulate?
My Mom, she is the most selfless person I know.

3. What is the best time of your day and why?
Right now? Nap time :)

4. What is your all time favorite song... your anthem?
I don't really think I have one....an anthem per say. I love too many!

5. What is a dream you have that has been put on the back burner?
Probably continuing in the ASL courses and becoming fluent in sign language. I'm not in a rush, but it's most definitely not a priority!

6. What makes your husband the perfect man for you?
He's my very best friend. He knows me better than anyone. He's smart, funny, athletic and musical! We share the same ideals and beliefs and convictions!

7. What one thing can make you smile no matter what?
Hearing Jack sing Jesus Loves The Little Children at the top of his lungs! Nothing better :)
Okey-Dokey! That's 7 questions! Thanks for tagging me Claire! Now I will tag 7 others and ask them 7 all new questions!
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Here are your questions!
1) What is your favorite book and why? I'm talking the book you can read cover to cover more than once a year!
2) How did you meet your spouse?
3) What is your favorite family vacation from when you were a kid?
4) What is your favorite comfort food?

5) If money were no object, where would you pack up and fly off to today?

6) What's one word you would use to describe yourself?

7) 3 People who are dead now you'd want to go out to coffee with? NOT including Jesus, because after all, He's NOT dead and you can actually have coffee with Him someday :)


  1. I'll do this! It looks fun. I just need time to think about my answers! hehe

  2. Thank you, sweet girl! I've answered my questions, check them out!

  3. I answered and re-tagged you...don't feel like you need to answer, just wanted you to see my answers!

  4. I answered, and then tagged you back...but don't worry about answering my questions, I just wanted to let you see my answers!

  5. how FUN!! :) Thanks for tagging me! I've never done this before, so I'm quite honored you thought of me :)

    ... posting my answers right now...



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