Friday, October 8, 2010

Hello Friday!

Ah, it's Friday! I love Friday's because it's my husbands only day off of the week, so it's our family day. We do our best to not make plans that would take us away from each other and spend the day all together!
Today we are going to the Pumpkin Patch! We've gone to the same place since before Jack was born, and now enjoy taking him! We also have a fun birthday party tonight, so it looks to be a good day!

Hello to my new followers! Every day it seems I have a new one! Thank you for stopping by and being interested in what I say...half the time I'm not, so thank you! :) I would love to do a giveaway of some kind if and when I reach 50 followers! Wondering if anyone out there wants to sponsor that?!? HINT HINT!

Looking forward to our little vacation this week and cheering my husband on who is running the Portland Marathon! Sunday AM go to and plug in his BIB number 1341 and watch him progress and keep him and his buddy Shawn in your prayers as they do something they've never done before and if you ask my husband, they are doing something he never had any desire to do! I'm so proud of him and what he has accomplished already! Looking forward to posting pictures when we return!

Have a fantastic weekend!