Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Miscellany Monday!

My Monday did not start out with my most favorite thing.....a dentist appointment. I loathe the dentist. I have a really nice dentist. It doesnt' matter. I hate the smells, the sounds, people's hands in my mouth, that gritty stuff. Watching TV doesn't help, I just hate it. But now it's over for another 6 months :)

18 Weeks today :) We find out what they are 2 weeks from tomorrow, or 15 days :) I am surprised I haven't figured out minutes and seconds....yet :)

17 Weeks This picture CRACKS me up! (ignore the nasty mirror please) I love Jack's face!!

It's Fall....I love fall! We took Jack to his first football game at my Alma mater. He did well! We made it to half-time! He was enamored with the loud speaker and the pep band!

We took Jack to the Fire House this weekend! They had an open house with demonstrations, firefighters and fire trucks everywhere! Jack was in heaven! He's seen them from the road, in the car, and he has a toy truck. BUT he had never been up close. He was so overwhelmed, he just ran from fire truck to fire truck saying, "it's a firetruck!" over and over :) He loved it. Plus he got a free hot dog. It was really cool.

We leave on Saturday for the big Marathon! My crazy husband and his crazy friend (our Youth Pastor) are running their first ever Marathon this Sunday 10-10-10 at 7:00am (West Coast Time) We leave on Saturday to head up there and get checked in and get the boys full on pasta! I'm super excited for them! There will be 10,000 runners! The biggest Marathon Portland has had yet! And the coolest thing is YOU can cheer him on from home! You can track him on your computer!!
Go to this site and on race day there will be a place to plug in his bib number which is 1341 He will have a chip in his shoe and at certain chip check-points, it will scan and update him online! So say a prayer for him and his buddy and root root root! :) :)

After the Marathon and some good eats with friends....we are staying up in the Portland area to hang with family and check out the ZOO and some other fun places! This is our LAST getaway before the babies come! So we're going to enjoy every moment with Jack and make some awesome memories!!

Have a great week and be sure to link up with Carissa @lowercase letters for your Miscellany Monday!


  1. Too fun!! I remember that last getaway before baby...enjoy!! You look adorable, btw!!! My boy used to just love the fire station at that age, fun! I love reading young mommies blogs, it just fills me with joy remembering those days!!!! Thanks for sharing your precious life with the rest of us...oh, and eat some of that pasta with hubby, after all, you're eating for three!!!!!

  2. I just love this post. I think it's because i love you, I love your super cute black and white striped shirt, I love the way your belly looks, I love Jack, I love that Trev is running in the marathon and I can track him, I love that you get to say babies and I get to plan your shower and take pics of them!

    Love you!

  3. Stopping by from Miscellany Monday! LOVE your blog. Such a cute design. Can't wait to keep reading...congrats on the twins! SO exciting :)