Saturday, October 30, 2010


Saturday, October 30, 2010

1. My Halloween plans this year will include...well, tonight we have Trunk or Treat at church and I'm pretty excited about it...although it could rain :( Tomorrow is basically a normal Sunday. Church in the morning, football in the afternoon and friends over for the big game tomorrow night! I'll pass out candy during that one :) Jack is 2...not old enough to trick-or-treat.

2. My most memorable Halloween costume was...I remember being a lot of princesses, a ballerina, a vampire, my Dad, a Japanese lady in a traditional kimono, a jail escapee, a punk, I don't remember one that sticks out really more than another!

3. For Halloween this year I'm going to be...Velma from Scooby-Doo! Can't wait to post pictures!

4. I've always wanted to dress up as...Mary Poppins and Bert  :) Someday my husband and I will do this!

5. The worst thing about Halloween is...that people can do evil things and turn something that is innocent like dressing up and asking for candy into an evil thing. But I refuse to allow that to make us not have fun. It's not a holiday to me, it's an excuse to be in costume and have fun. Be in the world but not OF the world. Also...I'm pretty sure it's hard to find a costume that isn't provocative anymore. Can't there just be a normal doctor, nurse, cop, princess costume?! Seems hard to find anymore!

6. The best thing about Halloween is...dressing up and kids being excited about what they are!
All this being said, if your family doesn't "do" Halloween...that's OK too! :)


  1. Mary Poppins would be awesome! One year my second daughter dressed like a chef from Iron Chef. That was pretty cool -- and it was interesting to see who recognized who she was.

    Have a great night!


  2. I really enjoy reading your posts, it would be so neat to be Mary Poppins...especially as a couple.