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Finally Fall

The last few days have been wonderful. We continue to tell people who haven't known yet that we are having twin boys and being able to talk to them and use their names is so cool. It's just starting to feel more and more real. Jack says both of their names really well and always has this cheeky smile on his face when he does. I have tried to get him to sit still so he can feel them, but he doesn't really care too. Once they are bigger and he can see them rolling around I think he'll be much more interested :)

I started going through all of Jack's clothes from newborn to things he just grew out of. Organizing them into sizes and bins. He had the best clothes, and I can't wait to use them again! They are all the wrong season, but we'll make it work! I've been registering online and having fun chatting and brainstorming ideas for their bedroom. I'm pretty excited about it :) My shower is just over 40 days away and I know with the holidays things are just going to fly by!

This weekend holds another Worship Concert at our church so hubby is pretty darn busy. And we're planning on finally carving our pumpkins while watching some good football on T.V. I bought some canned pumpkin and am ready to bake some yummy bread with cream cheese frosting! It's pretty much my fall favorite...that and hot cider! We're going to be getting our first big storm of the season this weekend, and I am SO ready for the rain to just dump on us! I love it!

Hope you all have some fun plans for the weekend! My new blog design should be up in the next few weeks...I'm anxious to see what Hannah does!


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