Baby Boys!!

I was so anxious and nervous last night I didn't really sleep...even after taking a Unisom (which usually knocks me out!) I didn't eat a thing before the appointment, just chugged some fluids! We had our favorite ultrasound tech, and she got right to it!

I have to tell you, until yesterday morning I thought it was one of each. And then yesterday I had a dream, one of those where you're not fully asleep, but you're not quite awake type of dreams. And I was sitting in my rocking chair, rocking to twin boys. I woke up and said, "I think it's two boys!"

So our tech said that the first twin was a girl. I said, "Really? are you sure?" She kept saying yes, and I just wasn't convinced. And then, he flashed us :) And there is no denying it! Twin number two wasn't shy at ALL...we knew he was a he right away! We started crying tears of joy and they continued as she told us things looked great! "Long limbs!" "Beautiful brains!" "Great looking hearts!" I loved hearing it all!

In fact things looked so great, we didn't even go over the scan with our OB (he had been behind because of some patients in labor, so he was in and out!) He asked if we were happy, and I couldn't begin to describe how I felt! Elated it the only word I can think of!

Here, I have recently lost a baby, and now I have TWO healthy baby boys growing inside of me! I am beyond honored and blessed! My wonderful husband, the kind of man every woman wants and hopes to marry, is going to help raise 3 boys, young men, to be men of God and that thought alone excites me beyond belief!

God continues to blow our minds and bless us beyond what we deserve. Our doctor actually said that since they are both boys there is a SLIGHT chance they could be identical. They could have split later which is why they are in separate sacs, but there is still a super small chance that they are. And you know what, it wouldn't surprise me at all...because God just keeps showing off! We keep getting blown away by Him, and I think He loves it :)

So, right now one lil guy is breech and the other is transverse. That can totally change and they aren't worried about it now...but be praying they get in the right position :)

Let me give you a little run down on each baby:

Twin Left or Twin A: This is Camden Rhea Bowen. Camden is because we love the name and Rhea is Trev's middle name (and yes that is how it is spelled!) Camden will come out first, and he is super squished right now because his brother is on top of him and he's pushed up against my bladder! Camden was hard to get pictures of because of his position, but he looks great! His brother kept getting in the shots :) Camden weighs in at 10oz right now which is great!

Twin Right or Twin B: This is Christian Grant Bowen. Christian, because we love the name, it's part of Trevor's Mom's maiden name, and it's kinda close to my name! Grant because I am kinda sorta in love with Cary Grant. That's the truth :) He's my favorite and it just sounds darn good! Christian is up higher, totally stretched out and looking quite comfortable. He didn't like her probing around, and would move every time she tried to get a shot! He's probably annoyed that his brother was kicking him and she was pushing on him! But we saw much more of him, he has a sweet little nose. The only good shot she got though was of him with his hand over his face :) STINKER! Luckily we get another u/s in 8 weeks so we get to see them some more! Christian weighs in at 11oz right now!

We were able to tell our parents and siblings in PERSON today by giving them little Chinese take-out boxes filled with blue, "it's a boy" mints! We got them all on camera, and some of them on video! Since our entire family either thought girl/girl or boy/girl they were super surprised, but sooo excited! We then went out to pizza to celebrate since as soon as the appointment was over I was starving! Then we headed to Gymboree where I purchased two little outfits :)
No, I am not planning on dressing them alike. It's just not us :) And no we didn't plan to have 2 C names for them....those were just our top choices BEFORE we even knew we were having twins! And no, we are not sad there is no girl in there. In fact, that's a really silly question!

Here is a picture of both of them, I labeled them because it's really really hard to tell what is what! The only perfect pictures we got were of their boy parts which I won't post online.

God is SO good and SO faithful!!

Thank you for all of your prayers and comments. Keep them coming! I cherish them all.

Camden is on top and the bottom picture is Christian

20 Weeks 1 Day
Taken before our appointment


  1. I really can't express the joy I feel looking at all three of your beautiful children. Blessing doesn't even cover it. It is a true miracle and clearly God's desire to give you the ultimate gift. I pray you feel God's love and goodness throughout. I love you all. Enjoy the Double (no triple) joy the is shining in your life. Love you bunches!

  2. so happy for you two, I mean five!
    and I love the names...
    and love that you dreamed about them.

  3. How exciting!! I pray that Camden and Christian will continue to be strong, healthy boys and will bless you with endless joy! You look fabulous too!

    (And thanks so much for grabbing my button. I feel honored.)

  4. I love the names! Congratulations!!!!

  5. Love the names and the photos! What joy!


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