Monday, September 27, 2010

Miscellany Monday

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1) My sweetie is taking today, tomorrow and half of Wednesday off! We've had an insane week and I am SO glad to get to spend some good time with him these next few days!! Planning on watching movies, resting, and decorating for fall!

2) Trevor got to sing and play this past weekend with Don Moen and the Michael Bahn Band. Totally old school worship, and not typically my style :) But the concert was great and Don is a super nice and funny guy! I love watching my man up there on stage...I am so dang proud of him!

3) 17 weeks today! ALMOST half way there! Feeling great lately! I tried to take a belly pic this morning, but I look just plain fat in them we'll try again another day :)

4) I took Jack to the train park yesterday while Daddy was stuck at church all day. We had an absolute blast! Rode the trains twice, shared a sno-cone, he had his very first hot dog and we watched the model trains forever! It's such a neat place, and it's totally free (except the food, which is super cheap) and it's all run by volunteers. Jack talks about it for the rest of the week each time we go. "Mommy trains" "Had fun" "Train in the tunnel" :)

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