I have a question....need help from ya!

Hey there!
I am thinking/wanting to change my blog name and domain address.
If I do this, will I lose my followers? Anyone have any tips on this?

Thanks so much!!


Happy Labor Day!!
This is the Rogue Valley...where I live :)


  1. Just make sure you hop over and let me know your new info! I enjoy your updates!

  2. But Grandma just found you :)
    I love the name! Fringes - the unwoven edges. The parts that come undone. It's the vulnerable part, the part that can tear -- BUT you are a child of the Most High God. And He is a champion weaver! So He takes your fringes and weaves them into a beautiful border! Just my thoughts!

  3. Not sure, but I guess you could visit each follower and give them each your new domain (is that a pain?)...LOVE the picture of where you live, how gorgeous!!!

  4. I don't think you should change anything, I LOVE the name of your blog, and the new header and backgroubd really pulls everything together, especailly the Bible verse, please don't change!!


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