Friday, September 10, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

                                                         Fill in the Blank Friday!!

1. The strangest thing I've ever eaten is meat? I don't eat it's strange to me. Ha...Not very exciting.

2. I wouldn't be caught dead in skinny jeans. They are made for people with no curves. I happen to have curves. It doesn't look me and the rest of the population that have hips and some movement down there...should NOT wear them.

3. When I am 75 I will.... be married to my 85 year old husband and we'll still snuggle and watch silly movies. And maybe I'll be a great-grandma to tons and tons of kids :) And then Jesus will come back.

4. If I had to be named after a place I would want to be named Madison, as in Madison, Wisconsin

5. My name is "Krystle" spelled like the soap character from the 80's Krystle Carrington, played by Linda Evans.

6. My all time favorite photo is a photo of me and my son Jack just after I had him. They plopped him on my chest and stuck a little hat on him. I am just looking down at him and in the color photo there is a tear running down my cheek. Such bliss and happiness and awe over this little creature. Okay, had to post it.... :)

7. If I could afford it I would have someone cook all our meals for us. Healthy, ready to eat, easy. And we would travel a LOT.
Link up with Lauren over at the little things we do for a fun filled fill in the blank Friday and enjoy your weekend!!


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