Saturday, August 7, 2010

Take it Easy....

The clip at the end of the post just fit too well. It's one of my favorite movies and this line...well, it is just very fitting. Take it easy. That's what I'm being told to do. That's a little hard when you have a two year old and a house to take care of. AND when you are horrible at asking for help. But to keep these babies healthy, and per doctors orders...I have to. And I will. What a humbling experience. No...I really haven't asked for help too much yet with the things I was told I needed to...but this is a first step right! :) Housework. Laundry, Cleaning, Dishes etc. My sweet selfless hubby has been coming home from work and doing most of these things on a daily basis. But I know he's exhausted. He's also taking two classes right now, headed toward having enough for ordination if he chooses that path. So, on top of full time Worship Pastor working way more than 40 hours a week, the classes and taking care of Jack and I...he's pooped. But he would never say it. So...yeah, I would love some prayer. Pray that we can find a good balance, pray that we can be humble and seek help and pray for helpers! :) Everyone else is so darn busy, it's just life. But I have two babies and Jack to take care of...and so I'm gonna do what it takes. Second trimester should be a bit easier, but I was told basically I would have 3 months and then I need to put myself on semi-bedrest....3rd trimester is where so much could happen that we are praying against! Thanks for your prayers! I can feel them! Here are a couple new ultrasound pictures! (It was after these and another quick unexpected trip to the Dr. that I was scolded) :)

Both babies in one shot! :)
This little one gave us quite the dance performance :)

This one started off a bit shy, but we got a little 'wave' :)
 Click on this :)


  1. I hear ya sister! But you know, I was prepared for the worst with my twins...bedrest, prematurity, NICU, etc. and everything turned out great! We didnt have any of those problems. They were born at 37w 2d and I had them naturally. My labor, from the time my water broke to the time they were both born, was 5 hours and 15 minutes. I never was on bedrest, and did all of my chores, and Mommy and Wifey duties all the way to the end. BUT, I may be one of those unheard of twin cases, LOL. So DO take it easy and eat plenty! Your going to do great, but sending prayers your way to encourage that :)

  2. Lucky Mommy :)
    I have a bit of a history so that's why the extra precaution at the beginning here :)

  3. Your friends and family beg you- ASK! We're all invested anyway, this just gives our hands something to do while we wait for them to get here! Will be praying, as always.

  4. In my current study of Experiencing God, I was reading about how the body needs all the parts. And that all parts are needed.

    I think it is so important that we who are leaders (you are as a pastor's wife... and I am as a former deacon's wife) to set an example of trusting the Lord to take care of us... and that includes giving opportunity to those around us. Sometimes others are unable to help, but relationships can be formed through serving one another. I pray that the cleaning/cooking/caring part hears that it is needed and is able to fulfill the need.

    Take it easy!

    God's richest blessings!

  5. Praying for you! I was on bedrest for a good portion of my 1st pregnancy. Not much fun, but there was NO question about whether I would obey dr's orders. I know this is a challenging time, but one with great reward! :)