Monday, August 30, 2010

Miscellany Monday

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Ah I love thee
Ok, not the illegal kind. Unless you take them and they aren't yours or you aren't supposed to. No, these are mine. These are beautiful. I finally broke down and called the doctor on Friday for an rx. I just couldn't keep puking and feeling sick all day had been basically 6 weeks of pretty much every day, with the exception of camping. So, I'm taking the generic zofran. And it has made me feel like a whole new person! It makes me really thankful for modern medicine and I know God uses doctors and medicine, and I am so grateful! Yippee to eating and keeping it down! :)

13 Weeks TODAY!!
Wow...13 weeks already. I am excited for our appointment on Thursday. I admit, I've been really anxious the last several days. Feeling like somethings wrong, even though I've had no signs of anything being wrong. It's my worrisome side, the side that the devil plays with and knows it's my weakness. Extra prayers would be appreciated! On another bump in FULL swing now :) Someday soon maybe I'll be brave and post a you pay me. :)

BeautiControl Spa Night
My sweet friend Sharon gave me and several of my dear friends a little spa night last night! Facials, foot scrub/rub, hand treatment and lip treatment. It was wonderful. We laughed and ate yummy chocolate cheesecake brought by my friend Laurel and teased about how we were the Real Housewives of the Rogue Valley ha ha! What a show that would be...."this is reality folks...dirty diapers, what's for lunch, did I brush my teeth and where is the pacifier?" :) Think the networks would pick that up?! hehehehe....
No, but seriously...this BeautiControl stuff is pretty amazing. Check out the website here.

Jack's Favorite Sentences
"Oh's a cup!" (thanks to the movie Cars)
"That is an SUV!" (thanks to Auntie for teaching him the difference!)
"Oh no, what happened?!"
"Where did Capa (Grandpa) go?!"
He's talking so much....I love to hear him use expressions correctly and make up new sentences each day!
Although right now, his favorite thing to do in the car is look for flags. Then he says, "That is a flag"...only he's not getting the use your imagination.
Ah...the innocence makes me smile.

So, you know my hubby is the Worship Pastor at our church....well, on Saturday night's we keep Jack in for the first song or two before the nursery, because he downright loves music. I look over at him being held in my Mom's arms this last Saturday during a song, and my little man is singing his heart out at the top of his lungs. I look up to see that hubby happened to glance down at that moment. I had tears of joy in my eyes. My little man, full on worshipping the Lord. Love it.

Happy Monday to you! Hope this week is great!


  1. OH! Spa night! That sounds so refreshing! Thanks for sharing your randomness!