Thursday, August 26, 2010

Family Pictures!!!

So here our some of our new family pictures! My dear friend Lacie from Catching Memories Photography took them! She nailed it! If you are local and would like info about her, please message me! I hope you enjoy them, I sure did! I love how she captured us! Thank you Lacie!!!!


  1. Love them all! You are gorgeous, outside and in! Jack and Trevor are so handsome! Best of all, you all are so happy!

  2. Your family is just beautiful! And your little boy is too handsome!!! You've inspired me to go get some family pictures taken when life settles down for us a little ;)

  3. Great Aunt Sandy says:

    My immediate thoughts included:
    *such an intelligent little man!
    *joy and love radiate from this family!
    *such a good looking trio!
    *a blessing to each other and to all of us!
    *could Lacey move to Washington before Alanna becomes a Senior? Very talented photographer. Love to all