Monday, August 23, 2010

Camping Post Part ONE!

So we went camping for the first time as a family this past week/weekend! We had an absolute blast!

Thankfully I felt the best I've felt since about week 5 and was able to actually EAT! We camped at Harris Beach in Brookings, Oregon. (click here for link) If you are from the West Coast you know where that is, if not.... I will just tell you it's gorgeous. The Oregon Coast is cold yes, but it is absolutely beautiful. We did have one gorgeous day, the rest were chilly! But it was a nice escape from the 100 degree weather we had been having in Southern Oregon. I love where I live. We don't get extreme weather, we get all the season (sometimes in one day!) And it's green and gorgeous!!
So, we stayed in a YURT. If you don't know what it is, this link can explain it! You do all your cooking and eating outside, but you sleep inside this tent that has beds. Keeps you warm at night and off the ground, perfect for a pregnant lady! But the bathrooms and showers are a little walk away, so it's still like tent camping. Only, much better! We'll never ever tent camp again!
My parents went, as well as my sister! We had the best fires, great food and a wonderful time!

One day we headed up to Bandon, Oregon to go to the Game Park Safari. Check out the link here.
It's one of my most favorite places, because I'm an animal lover. Working here would be my dream job! This was Jack's first time! He loved it because he's a lot like me. And he's a snuggler, so the biggest task was trying to keep him from snuggling the animals too hard, or NOT snuggling the ones you should only touch on the back :)
These are pictures from our first two days. The beach and the game park. I didn't get any other shots! So, after I get my Mom's pictures I will do another post around the campsite and in downtown Bandon and such :)

Feeding a 3 month old Tiger!

Jack hugging on a Caracal named Cadance. He didn't get the memo about only touching her back.  :)

Jack and 3 week old black leopards!

Trying to get the tigers to come play!

He is loving this! So much like his Mama!

Nama and Jack

With the baby opossum...

She was sooo cute!

Playing with the tigers!

My little bug

Sneaker Wave!

My super cool Dad!

My favorite boys :)

Trying to hug the Wallaby Babies!


  1. Well you know how much I love HARRIS BEACH!!! It's been too long since I've been there. I love these pics! I'm so glad you felt well enough to enjoy your time with your family. :) Loves.

  2. OMGoodness, how fun is that?! I've never seen such a place! Sooo glad you were feeling up for the trip (esp camping...girl, you're brave ;)
    Thoroughly enjoyable post!!!!