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Miscellany Monday

Hello Monday! Link up with Carissa @lowercase letters for your Miscellany Monday!!

Ah I love thee
Ok, not the illegal kind. Unless you take them and they aren't yours or you aren't supposed to. No, these are mine. These are beautiful. I finally broke down and called the doctor on Friday for an rx. I just couldn't keep puking and feeling sick all day had been basically 6 weeks of pretty much every day, with the exception of camping. So, I'm taking the generic zofran. And it has made me feel like a whole new person! It makes me really thankful for modern medicine and I know God uses doctors and medicine, and I am so grateful! Yippee to eating and keeping it down! :)

13 Weeks TODAY!!
Wow...13 weeks already. I am excited for our appointment on Thursday. I admit, I've been really anxious the last several days. Feeling like somethings wrong, even though I've had no signs of anything being wrong. It's my worrisome side, the side that the devil pl…

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. The most adventurous thing I've ever done iswell, I'm not super adventurous....but once we went to a Portland Trailblazers game and had great nosebleed seats. We scanned the front row joe's the whole first half and when a couple seats were still vacant at half-time we snuck down and sat in them :) And then we got kicked out of them!

2. If I were a pair of shoes I would be a pair ofcute and comfy Puma's.

3. My preferred mode of digital communicationis texting. I'm not a talk on the phone person. If it's of a serious matter than I'd talk in person.

4. I feel happiest whenI'm with my whole family and everyone is happy and doing good! And also when we're all in Disneyland together :)

5. A little dream I have for my life isto be an interpreter for the deaf. Taking ASL now, and it's hard stuff! But I love it!

6. The one modern convenience I could NOT do without iswell, depending on how "modern" we are talking could be a car or …

Family Pictures!!!

So here our some of our new family pictures! My dear friend Lacie from Catching Memories Photography took them! She nailed it! If you are local and would like info about her, please message me! I hope you enjoy them, I sure did! I love how she captured us! Thank you Lacie!!!!

Camping Post Part TWO!

I got some new pics from my here are some more pictures from camping! Hope you enjoy!!

Today I am linking up with Hannah from Aspire! She started a new meme and I'm game to join! So link up yourself!! Click HERE

Camping Post Part ONE!

So we went camping for the first time as a family this past week/weekend! We had an absolute blast!

Thankfully I felt the best I've felt since about week 5 and was able to actually EAT! We camped at Harris Beach in Brookings, Oregon. (click here for link) If you are from the West Coast you know where that is, if not.... I will just tell you it's gorgeous. The Oregon Coast is cold yes, but it is absolutely beautiful. We did have one gorgeous day, the rest were chilly! But it was a nice escape from the 100 degree weather we had been having in Southern Oregon. I love where I live. We don't get extreme weather, we get all the season (sometimes in one day!) And it's green and gorgeous!!
So, we stayed in a YURT. If you don't know what it is, this link can explain it! You do all your cooking and eating outside, but you sleep inside this tent that has beds. Keeps you warm at night and off the ground, perfect for a pregnant lady! But the bathrooms and showers are a little wa…