Thursday, July 29, 2010

Miscellany...Wordless........Thursday! :D

Okay, so by the title of my post you can guess I'm combining everything I've missed this week...into one post! Well, for the most part anyway!

So, I'm gonna break down my week......just because!

Monday: Slight scare in the evening involving the twins. Led to a night of fervent prayer by lots of family and friends. Also was my MIL's that kinda got ruined.

Tuesday: Stayed in bed all day with my feet up while my hubby worked and the most amazing Mom in the world took care of Jack all day! Had an ultrasound at 5:00pm....both babies are fine! What a sigh of relief...and tears were shed once again.

Wednesday: Got some maternity clothes at the mall....8 1/2 weeks with twins....let's just say, wow. dear friend had her baby boy! Benjamin was born at 8:32am weighing 7lbs 2oz and 21inches long! And that's for being about 4 weeks early! After a slight blood sugar and feeding setback, he went home with Mommy and Daddy today, to join big brother Christopher (2 years)! No NICU for him, PTL!

Thursday: That would be today! Totally exhausted from not sleeping (can't seem to without a Unisom, and I waited to long last night!) And trying to take it easy per doctor's orders...while trying to keep my almost 2 year old happy. ASL class tonight, class far so good! Such an eclectic group...I decided to sit by the person I would LEAST likely EVER hang around in real life. It's been good for me!

Tomorrow brings haircuts, naps and family coming in from out of town! I've enjoyed staying up on your blogs, but between being exhausted and puking and spending any good time I have with my boys....blogging isn't on the top of my list right now :)

Oh! And when I showed Jack the ultrasound pictures, I said..."Look! Babies!" and he said..."No...doggies."
                                                                             Oh boy

Enjoy these pictures from our day trip to the Oregon Coast last Saturday!

Zoi, my niece who just turned 1!

Cousins Miles and my little man Jack

Hubby with son and nephew

Jack got attacked by a wave and then spent the rest of the day yelling at them :) Love his dimple!

Sis-in-Law with Miles

I felt GREAT that day...even wanted pizza! Which says a lot since the road to the coast isn't exactly an easy one to handle...even without being pregnant!


  1. Still can't get over the fact that your're having twins! So exciting, and I imagine it is going to be an adventure trying to find maternity clothes so glad the babies are ok!

  2. Thanks for the updations! You are the cutest.

  3. So glad you are doing better! Praying for your sweet ones to arrive safely.

  4. OMgoodness, so much to catch up on...I've been gone! SOoo glad your scare was only a scare and I just had to laugh out loud about your son's ultrasound comment, oh you are in for some doozies with that one when the twins come!! Glad you are feeling better! Love all the pix, such fun!