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Miscellany...Wordless........Thursday! :D

Okay, so by the title of my post you can guess I'm combining everything I've missed this week...into one post! Well, for the most part anyway! So, I'm gonna break down my week......just because! Monday : Slight scare in the evening involving the twins. Led to a night of fervent prayer by lots of family and friends. Also was my MIL's that kinda got ruined. Tuesday : Stayed in bed all day with my feet up while my hubby worked and the most amazing Mom in the world took care of Jack all day! Had an ultrasound at 5:00pm....both babies are fine! What a sigh of relief...and tears were shed once again. Wednesday : Got some maternity clothes at the mall....8 1/2 weeks with twins....let's just say, wow. dear friend had her baby boy! Benjamin was born at 8:32am weighing 7lbs 2oz and 21inches long! And that's for being about 4 weeks early! After a slight blood sugar and feeding setback, he went home with Mommy and Daddy today, to join big brother Christo

My Cup Runneth Over.......

I've been dreaming of this post even before it was a reality. How would I title it? What would I say? Thinking about when that day might be....rough drafts going through my head. I never really came up with anything, so I'm just goin' with it! If you've followed my blog for awhile, or looked at my past posts, you will know I went through a miscarriage at Christmas time. Hardest time in my life. But yet, God was faithful and supplied me with peace and healing and hope. A couple weeks ago I posted about taking advantage of God's gift of peace and trust and how I would be a fool to not accept it. You can read about that here . Well, being the totally awesome, amazing and cool God that He is...... Only days after I posted that, I got a positive pregnancy test ! HOLY MOLY! I cried and cried and cried tears of joy. Jack was in the bathroom with me and I kept saying, "Mommy is sooo happy!" He looked confused as I was bawling while telling him that :) It was prett

Wordless Wednesday

Miscellany Monday

1) I took a blogging break, no it wasn't planned, but it was nice. Sometimes I just don't have a darn thing to say....haha 2) July is insane. 2 Weddings. 4 Birthdays. Loads of appointments. 3) It's been way to hot for my liking these days.....99-100-98 blech! 4) This Thursday I start my 10 week class of American Sign Language! It's something I've always wanted to learn and be completley "fluent" I'm making it happen! A little nervous too! 5) God answered some pretty big prayers. Thanks for praying with me 6) Jack will be 2 in less than a I hope you all have been wonderful! I've been continuing to read blogs, just not posting and have been enjoying all of yours! Now go check out Carissa's blog and link up!

Wordless Wednesday

Jack and his Auntie at my Grandmas's 75th Birthday Bash!

A Blogging Day of Silence for Baby Cohen

Send Love to Cohen