Thursday, June 17, 2010

Soccer Sarah

There are so many amazing causes out there to support, it's never ending. There are so many amazing stories and so many examples of people sacrificing for others. I'd like to highlight one story for you, if I may! I went to church with Sarah when I was little and have known her family for years!

This is Sarah. She uses soccer to help teach about AIDS. She is a part of Grassroot Soccer and has spent the last year in South Africa with this organization. Since this is nonprofit she raised all of her funds to get herself there, so she could give some more.

Soccer is a universal language and because of that they are able to teach these kids about healthy choices, avoiding risks and through this unique format are able to teach kids about AIDS and how to help themselves prevent getting it.

There is no way I could tell her story on this post. It would take too long, and my words wouldn't do it justice! Please check out her blog below and also Grassroots website for more information!

Sarah's Blog

Grassroot Soccer


  1. So inspiring! I love creativity in God's people...using their every day lives to bring His joy to others! Great pix!!!

  2. So true about there bing a lot of causes to support, but I will def. check this out, Thank you for sharing this!

  3. I stopped by after reading your comment about Robin on the LPM blog. Isn't she the best?! Such a sweet and encouraging lover of Jesus!

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and am now your newest follower. (Kudos to your sis on her graduation and quitting that job!)