Monday, June 21, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Just found this via my friend Robin's blog! I love fun stuff like this :)

One Week 2 of Spin class....speed trials. Not so much fun

Two Jack thinks he owns the church. He thinks he can walk anywhere, get up on stage whenever he wants and play any instrument he would like. Partly our fault since he does get to do that so often. It's pretty darn cute though.

Three I'm new at this and I need to get more random...maybe next Monday will be better haha!

Miscellany Monday creator!


  1. That was cute, got a laugh bout the stage thing, EVERY kid loves to be up there!

  2. Yeah, and since his Daddy is up there along with his Uncle every Sat and Sunday....he thinks he should be too :)

  3. Oh, how fun!!! So glad you went random with me, I absolutely LOVE Miscellany Mondays!!